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  • Meowstic,
    I was chain fishing for another Shiny Skrelp (to trade to a friend) and I found and caught a Shiny Shellder instead. It's golden and a Shiny Cloyster is BLUE!! My favorite color!
    I noticed you said you would trade your Shiny Clauncher for a Protean Froakie. Are you still up to that trade?
    Meowstic, Just because you chain fish doesn't mean you get a Shiny. On my X, I had a chain of 84 and I didn't get a Shiny.
    Meowstic, I believe GameFreak said that they made it even easier to get Shinies this Gen. To me, as long as it's legit, every Shiny is special because you worked hard to get it. (unless it's a completely random encounter and then it's still special because you weren't expecting it)

    I'm EV training it right now. Mainly the Sp.Atk and Speed.
    I got my Shiny Giratina the same day I got X and Y.

    I see that you have a Shiny Skrelp too! I chained fished to get mine. It only took me forty minutes. I had a chain of 29.
    My Skrelp's nature is Modest and it Likes to Run. It's Ability is Poison Point and it's moves at Level 30: Thunderbolt, Camouflage, Sludge Bomb, and Waterfall.

    Your other Shinies look cool too!
    Meowstic, I think it's the face. The female just looks kinda distant and aloof, whereas the male just has a really goofy stare.

    The rest of the body is fine. Funnily enough, I much prefer the male in this case.
    One of the members on this forums said this.

    But Sableye and Spiritomb are now in possession of a weakness.

    A little girl in a fairy princess costume can now slaughter the living embodiment of greed and the embodiment of Alcatraz... Well damn, that's scary.
    Meowstic, I hope Serperior gets a Mega Form.
    I hatched a Shiny Snivy using the Masuda Method. It took 500+ eggs.

    I bet Shiny Mega Charizard is beautiful!
    Haha no problem! I hope you enjoy the forums as much as I do. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
    Meowstic, that is a glorious superpower. All you need are the microchips to actually give them orders. Keep up the great work.
    Are you for or against Fairy type?
    What do you think of Mega Evolutions?
    Which is your favorite Mega Evolution?
    What's your favorite Gen VI Pokemon?

    I'm full of questions!
    I won't forget! Palkia lasts another 16 days. I wish Shiny Palkia looked better. I don't really like the coloring that much.

    I love Shiny Dialga and Shiny Giratina's coloring!!!

    Giratina is amazing :heart:
    Amen to that!
    Did you get the Shiny Dialga?
    Have you gotten the Shiny Palkia yet?

    I got Dialga the day it ended. I haven't gotten Palkia yet, but I still have time.
    Meowstic, mm, that makes sense! But what do you bring to the table? What really sets you apart?
    At first, I was the same way. Quilladin looked too much like Pignite to suit me but the more I looked at it the more I started to like it. It looks like it's going to become a Hedgehog or Porcupine. I hope so anyway!
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