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  • grassdragon,
    Nuzlocke? never heard of it.
    aerodactyls a nice touch, that dragonair would fit nicely if you could snag it but if not i would recommend a psychic or fighting type as the psychic covers the hard hitting fighting types or you could have a hard hitting fighting type!
    grassdragon, yea im expecting more people to get into competitive batlling with that feature

    really? that's awesome i just finished an emerald play through not too long ago. i hate the safari balls the have ticked me off allot in the past and on my play through i made myself rules
    keep starter catch at least 1 Pokemon after gym and release all Pokemon that faint. it wasnt easy
    grassdragon, your probably right unfortunately :/
    wow yea that is pretty awesome, that is going to save me some serious time! if your into EV training that also saves some major time if the exp share distributes the points.
    grassdragon, Omigod yes I saw that!! I was all like: "Everything will be so much easier keeping your team balanced!! Ditch the crap in my soul silver and give me x and y just for this!!" Finally bringing it back and not just back but revamping and making it even better! (I love it if you can't tell lol!)
    grassdragon, I really want a hoenn remake that would beincredible and your space idea for deoxys and jirachi would make it perfect! you should mail the list to the pokemon company theres some pretty solid ideas in there!
    Doublade is a beast! I saw someone mention if it learns guillotine it will have no gaurd and be freaking amazing!!

    And that adorable fluffy creature has a weazel-esque vibe to it that makes me want to squeze it till its eyes pop out of its head,.. its just.. ADORABLE!!<3

    btdubs I love it!!! grassdragon,
    grassdragon, OMG! I played the demo yesterday and today sorry for thr late rresponse! twas amazing!! I plan on getting the full game after x &y have been out out for a while though.. I don't really like to juggle between games, and I don't want to take away the immersion into either game! That wouldn't do each its justice!! Thank you for recommending it!!
    grassdragon, grassdragon, haha yeah im probably going to choose chespin too!

    Bug is not that popular of a type and honestly theres not that many shinning stars in the type but i like it because of the menace that is scizor and the fact that its pretty underused.
    im hoping for another battle frontier. is there anything that you hope to see in X and Y
    and by the way armaldo is a tank!
    grassdragon, hey grassdragon (guess youll be changing that to grassfairy soon) thanks for the welcome wagon! my favorite gen VI pokemon is probably yveltal, i just think his designs awsome. and im probably a dragon/bug type trainer. im looking foward to a bug/dragon type pokemon.
    I am getting both, but just starting off with Y so that I am not spending too much.
    As you may have noticed, I changed my avatar so that we wouldn't be confused, but I still love Quilladin!
    Well something has to be effective against fairy. Dont mind to much about the lost effectiveness, its about time dark and ghost got more powerful to though. Yeah I raise alot of mixed, dont do type specific.
    Thanks for the welcome.
    I love all the VI generation pokemon so far
    Quilladon is goin to be great.
    My favorite type is Steel
    My favorite is Metagross
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