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  • grassdragon,

    I hear ya! Many of the new Pokemon, as well as the region and why they've done what they've done with this game is really cool. I'm warming up to it as well. I'm going to start playing today, in an hour or so. We should definitely keep in touch for when we're both ready to start trading; I will be playing X to begin with! PM me with any advice and especially trade/battle scenarios!
    grassdragon, Oh I just LOVE them! I am definately getting Greninja. Not because Chesnaught isn't completely awesome (which it is!) and not because Delphox isn't amazing (cause it is!), but because it's been a tradition of mine to always choose the Water starters. It's kinda kooky, I know. xD

    Well seeing that I don't have the games yet, all I can go by is what I see on sites such as this one, Serebii, and of course Marriland. But all that being said, my initial reaction is Gen 6 gets a 8 out of 10, for me, being an older player and again before actually playing these. I'm really glad they added Mega Evolution, though I don't like all of them. I'm hopeful they add megas for all Pokemon who needed them, either for stats or to be more ascetically pleasing, or both. My absolute favorites so far are Charizard X, Pinsir & Alakazam, in that order! A little disappointed there are only 69 total new (known) Pokemon but I'm sure there are some surprises in store. Favorite new starter is the water, because I'm undecided on being happy with (my usual pick) fire's final evolution. Really excited to sit down sometime Sunday and play while watching some football. What's your take??
    Only 69 Pokemon.. man this sucks ;=; but hey, the variety of non-Kalos Pokemon is off the charts!! So this is gonna really be a tough team-making decision for me.. then again, I don't know where to find everything yet.. xD
    grassdragon, I didn't do the calculations for same types because the scores would undoubtedly be low.

    However, mad respect for your playstyle. I'm more of a balance trainer myself, but I still use my favorites a lot.
    grassdragon, If you have seen my thread "Help With Choosing a Starter..." you will see that, mechanically, Froakie/Charmander is the way to go.

    Is there a specific reason why you are choosing both grass or both fire on the respective versions?
    grassdragon, I like Delphox and Greninja pretty much evenly, but I am not in love with either of them. I am mechanically attracted to Greninja(Stats, Typing, etc.), but aesthetically I like Delphox more.
    I think I am going to pick Froakie, because it pairs well with Charizard.
    I added you to my 3DS.

    if you would be so kind as to add me that would be great.

    my 3DS FC: 3652-1583-8114

    And I want to play with people with me on Pokémon X & Y on the PSS.
    grassdragon, They sound a little fishy to be honest.. especially considering the ones trying to alter Xerneas and Yveltal's types.. but while the time-travel theory is pretty wicked, I don't find it.. very believable.
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