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  • Hi, looking to add you for friend safari. My FC is 4871-5450-8810. Let me know.

    Hi, looking to add you for friend safari. My FC is 4871-5450-8810. Let me know.

    Hi, Can I add you to my Friend's List, my fc is 0018-1948-3823, thanks in advance!
    Add my fc pllease 4038-6748-2207. Thank you. Mine is dragon with Fraxure, Noibat and Druddigon. Thanks.
    This is what a Nuzlocke challenge is.

    I'm going to try for 1 more hour to get Dragonair. If I don't, then, I will get Exeggcute.

    That sounds like Nuzlocke rules.

    The Safari Zone can be irritating. I've spent 5 hours and I still haven't caught Dragonair or Kangaskan.

    This is my team so far. (I've beaten all 8 Gyms and I'm training before I challenge the Elite Four)

    Dewgong, lv 41
    Venusaur, lv 40
    Nidoking, lv 29 (thinking about switching him for something else. Any suggestions?)
    Arcanine, lv 33
    Areodactyl, lv 34
    Electabuzz, lv 47
    Yeah, I'm going to EV train since you can actually see the stats in X and Y.

    I also want the Safari Zone to return. I love chasing after that one rare Pokemon that you can only catch inside the Safari Zone.
    Right now, I'm replaying my FireRed and I'm in the Safari Zone trying to capture a Dragonair and a Kangaskan.
    If I thought it would do any good, I would send them my ideas, but I know they probably wouldn't do it.

    Have you heard about the changes for Exp. Share?
    The item Exp. Share will revert to Exp. All as in Generation I, where when one Pokémon holding this item participates in battle, all other Pokémon in the team receive experience as well. Unlike in Generation I, the experience is not split but rather received by all Pokémon. This means that the participating Pokémon receive 100% experience, while non-participating Pokémon receive 50% experience.
    It's awesome!!!
    Hello!!, and I see u has been welcomed already... I am late to the party.. WELCOME! (I used caps so I hope that makes up for mah lateness!) haha anyway nice to meet you! If you like I would like to be the first person to Private Message you my (3ds derp) friend code! U can jus ask if you want it! we can exchange n stuff!
    After X and Y, I want Hoenn or Sinnoh Remakes.
    In Hoenn, I want the ability to go into Space and catch Deoxys and Jirachi.
    In Sinnoh, I want a 3D Distortion World, as well as traveling to Dialga's and Palkia's Dimensions as well.
    You know what's ironic about me and bug type? In Gen IV, Aaron is the Elite Four member that uses Bug types and my name is Aaron.

    I would like the Battle Frontier to return as well. Most of what I wanted has come to pass. (ex: sitting on benches and diagonal movement)
    I would like for the VS seeker to return.
    I want Torterra to get a Mega Evolution. (Torterra is my absolute favorite Pokemon.)
    I want an Elite Four member that uses Grass Types.
    I want a Gym Leader that uses Dark Types.
    I want a Fire/Grass Pokemon.
    I want a Pokemon based on a Minotaur.
    I want a Grass/Electric Pokemon.
    I want a Grass/Dragon Pokemon.
    I want a Grass/Fairy Pokemon. (This will probably happen)
    I want a Fairy/Dragon Pokemon. (This would be epic)
    I want Secret Bases to return.
    Finally, I want the ability to be able to choose to be on Team Flare or not.
    I see you read my Bio! :)
    Yveltal is pretty awesome!

    Which starter are you going to choose? Mine should be apparent by my avatar.

    Dragon/Bug would be interesting. I'm not that into Bug types, although I have trained a few. By a few, I mean three: Genesect, Armaldo, and Yanma.
    Welcome to Pokebeach!!!!
    What's your favorite Gen VI Pokemon?
    Mine is Quilladin!
    What's your favorite Type?
    Mine is Grass.

    Make sure you register your 3DS FC, here.
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