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  • Mora, Dusknoir loses hardcore to Hydreigon, as Darkrai + Dark Claw OHKO's it, and then they can heal the damage off with Max Potion/Gold Potion, and then just forget that you ever attacked them lol.

    Speaking of Gold Potion, you should try that over Computer Search in your deck, makes a great counter to Terra vs Mewtwo, granted you might need just a Sableye to get it back, it's been a life saver for me.

    And speaking of Gold Potion more, do you have one for trade by chance?
    Mora, the best part is when they have to decide which mon to max potion... If they don't play all 4 turn 1, you just catcher + KO everything... Huge pain in the azz for them.

    Max Potion is nothing to be worried about, they either KO you triggering sir Terrakion, or take it like a pro, and kill themselves the next turn. It's simply just an annoying deck lol.
    Mora, Aperstia is just an extra for him, it makes no difference for most EX's wether you have it or not, it only helps Tornadus EX.

    Raticate/Flygon/Terrakion, is my next deck choice for smaller tourney's, and maybe the league, as it easily wins against the big decks of the format, just keep messing with your opponent by adding in sir Sableye, and some Rocky Helmets LOL.
    Mora, Dang your soooo lucky, Keldeo is crazy around here. I will try it, but why don't you like Bouffalant.
    Mora, The one in Salt Lake City, it's only 40ish minutes away from where I live lol.

    About the list, doesn't it get ran over by sir Keldeo?? Cuz you have no Bouffalant which keeps Keldeo down.
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