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  • darkrai love (Today at 03:55 PM)
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    hey,mora, i was just wondering i was getting ready for a tournement on the 30th and i need help of making a deck that is good against landerous ex so help if you can

    thank you!
    hello mora i have just made this acount and i have seen your comments and i think your good so i have a question to ask you, can you please help me with my Darkrai ex Mewtwo ex deck.
    I don't know about being able to squeeze in a match today's my brothers birthday so I'm sort of pressed for time. However I might be able to squeeze in a single round though.To answer your question yes we are allowed to change decks between matches.
    Mora, I'll pass. I'm pretty insistent on running fighting or metal decks. Then there is always the problems of not having Ho-oh, Tornadus EX, or Bouffalant.
    Mora, You should run garbodor like me! And instead of terrakions... run cobalion and registeel
    Well... if I were to give some humble advice... don't switch decks. I did so and got wrecked after placing 5th (which isn't great but better than not winning at all). Actually. Run ninjask... it has nothing on garbo
    Mora, i can send u my list if u like. Hooh is the only deck that gives it any trouble. There are a few spread varients and a metal varient that make garbo top tier imho
    Yes! I did! How didyou end up doing? Glad to have finally me someone who plays from ms

    Sounds good. I can't do any tonight, but I should be able to do them by Friday at the latest.
    I'll try to but I can't promise anything. My schedule has been all over the place lately
    Did you by any chance play against Blastoise/Keldeo with Ho-oh during your cities? If you did, could you tell me how you beat it?

    I've been testing out a lot of decks recently, so I'm curious how Ho-oh works in different situations in case I decide to try it.

    Edit: Noticed you said you didn't play against any. Is there anything else I should know about Ho-oh before testing it?
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