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  • I should be free to play our match tonight if you are and I'll also be free during tomorrow night.If you can't make any of those days my Tuesday is wide open.
    Mora, Lol, it's the starters all over again xD

    Lando > Thundu > Tornado > Kyurem that works too xD
    Mora, lol, I seem to not wanna let go of the fact Zekrom is still a boss, but I get critisized for it. I just don't want 90% of the next few sets to come out, because it's truly just a Blastoise/Keldeo land for them.
    Mora, Lol Dousing Rod for Computer search to search an Ultra ball... xD

    Welp good night, gotta go to bed :)
    Mora, lol, thats my issue with Catcher, I forgot I didn't have them in my deck and traded them ;-;

    So been testing that Gold Potion idea?
    Currently I'm scratching my Darkria and 2 Dark energies for 3 Catchers (removing my four for them to test) and then scrapping RR for 2 Pokedex 2 Ether
    Mora, Ho-Oh is definately gonna take a hit next set, but it gains Etherdex, making it possibly the fastest deck now :)
    Mora, O, a group of people protesting something... Like back in the days of Luxchomp there was team ANTILUXCHOMP, and it spawned rogue decks to beat Luxchomp...
    Mora, hahahahahah, that's like Lando EX :p

    So, we should start a team to ban Landy EX what do ya think??
    Mora, So you've become a fighting type... Mora EX
    {F}{F}{C} Ho-Oh Pro- 200 dmg... DIscard all your deck

    I know right... EtherDex/Fighting types are going to become the only decks playable. It's becoming anohter luxchomp format ;-;

    So, whats up?
    Mora, Wow, I've never pullen a NXD EX ever. I just keep pulling crud I dun want :p

    They really are fun, but this format got broken as soon as Landy came, Rogue had a chance, and then Landy just shot it down :(
    Mora, You see the point of why Dusknoir is horrible against Darkrai. Makes for a hard matchup.

    Check my post in the Ho-Oh thread and tell me what you think.

    Also I know that feeling, I've pulled 4 Registeel EX's, and not a single Mewtwo EX in my entire life, sad isn't it.
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