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  • why are you giving me so many warning points....
    i forgot somthign
    please next time make me able 2 chance it before you give me warning points?
    but the beach is so much more inviting than the gym. kind of like how in real life people would rather go to a beach than a gym. =p
    "1. I'm a GUY--doesn't matter where I am, online or offline, nobody can get that right."
    "-Bippa201 because it's bi. Therefore, because we are the only bi's on the beach, and it fakes the fact, it's going on here. Oh yea, and it pretends it's 17, when it's 10 years younger."
    You be a walking, talking contradiction.
    Tyraniking, if you say so. But you really know deep down that this place is staying for good. Just look at the message:
    'It's fun to break things.'
    'I might as well have fun before the end. :p'
    That highlights it all in my opinion. It's all a bit of fun.
    But yes, you guys are doing very well in Count to 50. You were almost there. If you modded Guy, you could have made it to 100 even. And if you modded all of the game regulars, then it'd be easier for mods to win. I'm surprised that dmaster didn't think of that. ;D
    Tyraniking, true. But we supposedly have a day until they end. Why would they close the day after two new mods were recruited? It doesn't make any sense. The fact that WPM hasn't sent us a serious response shows that he's joking. Plus, SR and de both don't believe it. So I sincerely hope that Team Rogue will be able to continue.
    By the way, where it says 'Friends:' on your bio, there's nothing after it, implying that you have no friends. Jussayin.
    Oh, and it looks like the forums are withstanding. You'll be OK to unlock Team Rogue now.
    :D you need a comment

    your just sucking up


    yes you are

    *punches self in face*

    there....that should shut him up, CONGRATS ON MODSHIP :D
    That's my opinion too...however many people seem to like PromoPig for some shouldn't ever be attacking with it, so 1 retreat is the best one IMO.
    Can I pleeeeeeeeeease play my Zelda OOT 3D game on your 3DS tomorrow at league? :D
    Congrats on becoming a mod! I guess it pays off to know de in real life.
    *note to self - move to America*
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