Top 5 favorite Pokemon in each gen:

1. Zoroark
2. Litwick
3. Reuniclus
4. Scrafty
5. Serperior

1. Toxicroak
2. Drapion
3. Dusknoir
4. Gallade
5. Honchkrow

1. Exploud
2. Sharpedo
3. Sableye
4. Zangoose
5. Huntail

1. Tyranitar
2. Hitmontop
3. Octillery
4. Heracross
5. Kingdra

1. Nidoking
2. Cloyster
3. Ditto
4. Omastar
5. Nidoqueen


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Vilegar with spiritomb

Here is a list of some things that turn me off:

-All modern pop artists.
-People who think they are wise
-People who think they know what they are doing in Pokemon TCG
-Losing stupid games
-People who chew with their mouth open
-People who swear for no reason when they are like, 8-13...
-People who do inapropriate things around children.
-People who think you won't do any offense if you say "No offense" in front of something. (Example: No offense, but why are your teeth yellow? I've been told that before...)
-People who judge others by appearence
-People who are obsessed with religion and politics
-My parents when they think I'm siding with one
-People who only act ONLY when they are in danger, and don't do anything to prevent it.
-People who want sympathy (I don't give sympathy if it's not real)
-People who tell me what to do that should be my own decision. (Not like cleaning my room, more like telling me to contact people)
-Loud people
-People who shun anything that's not their belief in politics and religion.
-People who talk about themselves too much...
-HERE'S A REALLY BIG ONE: People who will tell you they know what's going on when they don't actually know it, or pay any attention to care.
-People who use chat speak on a forum -_- Sorry, it makes you look like a noob...
-People who think they are funny
-People who don't care about obvious disasters (BP oil spill, Japan's earthquake, etc.)
-People who get on you because you make a mistake with manners \
-People who talk like you're not around
-Bad smells.
-People who wear too much makeup/plastic surgery.
-People who hit
-People who don't listen
-Referees that will side with the one they are rooting for. (It's freaking off sides -_-)
-People who take stuff for granted.
-People take advantage of others (I'm a pushover :/)
-People who don't try new things.
-People who will constantly repeat things.
-Bad food.
-Wasting food.
-Pokemon haters
-Tyraniking haters
-Nerds (By nerds I mean people who think they are really cool but aren't.)
-People who constantly bug you to trade, even though you don't need anything they have.
-I MIGHT have said this...Kids under 16 that have 'Girlfriends.' You people DON'T EVEN HAVE CARS.
-ANOTHER HUGE ONE: People who think long hair=girl, or don't like long hair. I used to have really long hair, and I was called a girl 75% of the time, and they pretend it was my voice, like they're gonna offend me if they mention my hair. It offends me more cuz I can't really change my voice -_- I'm also VERY disproportionate for a girl. As for people that have long hair, a random stanger told me they hated my hairstyle and that it's greasy and yucky. Who wants to hear that?
-People who don't pay attention after a really long sentence, so you have to repeat it ALL OVER AGAIN.
-Mods who temp ban for obvious troll...
-My internet when it lags
-My computer when it overheats over 2 episodes of an anime -_-
-People who don't even acknowledge a joke.
-Me and my body issues (Not being overweight, but some other...body issues. Like allergies.)
-People who struggle to do something, and see another person get by easily
-People who are repetitive.
-Bad pack pulls
-Bad luck
-People who are TOO into sports.
-Terrible parents (Not talking about my parents, I'm very glad to have them. I'm talking about other people I know and their parents)
-Bad video games
-Hype, and most things that are hyped.
-People who make posts in this thread saying 'GUYS/GIRLS who __________' Does it really matter what gender does it?
-Pony haters
-People who think posts that are actually contributing to discussion (that people take out of their valuable time to make) of the topic are long and annoying
-People who make assumptions on the last post they see in a thread.
-People who are just to easy to outwit XD
-Bippa201 because it's bi. Therefore, because we are the only bi's on the beach, and it fakes the fact, it's going on here. Oh yea, and it pretends it's 17, when it's 10 years younger.

And now, I expect you wanted to see something useful out of this bio. Now I present to top 5 video games for the DS and Wii!


1. LoZ: Spirit Tracks
2. Okamiden
3. LoZ: Phantom Hourglass
4. Mario Kart DS
5. Monster Tale

Top 5 for Wii:

1. Super Smash Brothers Brawl
2. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
3. Super Mario Galaxy 2
4. Super Mario Galaxy
5. Mario Kart Wii

As a bonus...


1. LoZ: Wind Waker
2. LoZ: Twilight Princess
3. Luigi's Mansion
4. Super Smash Bros. Melee
5. Mario Kart: Double Dash


Favorite Food: Pizza/Fried Chicken/Ice Cream
Least Favorite Food: Brussel Sprouts
Favorite Music Artists: Green Day, Oasis
Free time fun: Pokemon TCG, video games, talking to people
Favorite Drink: Jarritos (Mexican soda, unlike most soda, it actually tastes like the flavor it's labeled), Root Beer, Lemonade, Smoothies
Least Favorite Drink: Sparkling water
Favorite TV Show: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Naruto, Bleach
Least Favorite TV show: Everything else I've watched
Favorite Movie: Spirited Away, LotR series, Star Wars series
Least Favorite Movie: Ehh, can't remember...
More: Later
Will: Update
This writing style: Is cool
: : P

Modded on: 6/29/11

My first chat quote:

[12:55:00 AM] Afro: you know what's weird
[12:55:13 AM] Afro: when 3 girls ask to touch your hair...
[12:55:19 AM] Afro: quote that :cool:

[11:33:11 PM] SPM3: what so good bout metaknight
[11:33:16 PM] Bippa: Everything
[11:33:25 PM] Tyraniking: brawl me in a week, SPM3
[11:33:28 PM] Tyraniking: I'll show ya
[11:33:33 PM] SPM3: i dont have a wii
[11:33:37 PM] SPM3: let alone brawl

[11:25:06 PM] hipoke: 6th graders wearing skinny jeans calling other people gay
[11:25:36 PM] Tyraniking: well I mean that's ONE way of acting cool
[11:25:36 PM] Mlouden03: 6th graders losing their virg ewww

[10:17:53 PM] Tyraniking: nb4 egocentered message
[10:17:58 PM] sillykyle!: i'll find out soon enough i guess

[11:28:53 PM] Bipps: Tking
[11:28:57 PM] sillykyle!:
[11:28:58 PM] Bipps: I just wanted to say that
[11:29:03 PM] Bipps: I uh...
[11:29:09 PM] Tyraniking: trollface.jpg
[11:29:14 PM] Bipps: <3 you
[11:29:17 PM] Bipps: :)
[11:29:28 PM] sillykyle!: :3
[11:29:46 PM] Bipps: inb4 lolwut
[11:29:47 PM] Tyraniking: Tyraniking is taken :p
[11:29:53 PM] Bipps: you suck

[2:55:08 PM] corabed: who's obi won-won?
[2:55:13 PM] corabed: cool name BTW
[2:55:42 PM] Obi Won-Won: Magnevire, and my name on here is a bit of a joke with a friend of mine XD
[2:55:58 PM] corabed: I think i heard of you...
[2:56:08 PM] Obi Won-Won: maybe. Who are you on PB?
[2:56:18 PM] Tyraniking: LOOOOOOOOOOL
[2:56:27 PM] Obi Won-Won: what?
[2:56:31 PM] Tyraniking: he's corabed
[2:56:37 PM] Tyraniking: here and on pb

its not a podcastyou can't get a lot of stuff on itunes
[5:18:06 PM] Tyraniking: doesn't mean it's not a podcast
[5:18:12 PM] Alex Hedge: I have no clue what you are talking about SA
[5:18:14 PM] Cinesra: and mighteyena gets more than latios
[5:18:21 PM] Cinesra: vg

[5:16:41 PM] Alex Hedge: its not a podcast
[5:16:48 PM] Alex Hedge: I can't get it on itunes
[5:18:06 PM] Tyraniking: you can't get a lot of stuff on itunes, doesn't mean it's not a podcast
[5:18:22 PM] Alex Hedge: yes it does
[5:18:30 PM] Alex Hedge: IPODcast
oh god sig bait
[5:18:47 PM] Alex Hedge: I think at least
[5:19:21 PM] Alex Hedge: OMG a podcast doesn't have to be for Itues
[5:19:30 PM] Alex Hedge: don't you dare put this is your sig
[5:20:05 PM] Tyraniking: heheh
[5:20:06 PM] Tyraniking: I won't
[5:20:10 PM] Tyraniking: BIO TIEEEEEEEEEEM

[5:58:03 PM] The PDC Show: you know whats really stupid though
[5:58:07 PM] The PDC Show: Chris Brown Fans
[5:58:21 PM] The PDC Show: i want to go up to him and
[5:58:35 PM] The PDC Show: say "why yo last name brown if your a little punk white boy??"
[5:58:59 PM] Matias (Ms. Tea): omg I thought he was black...
[5:59:07 PM] Matias (Ms. Tea): idk why
[5:59:15 PM] The PDC Show: he is black
[5:59:17 PM] Gabriel: >.>
[5:59:18 PM] The PDC Show: but i picture him as
[5:59:23 PM] The PDC Show: a white boy
[5:59:45 PM] Matias (Ms. Tea): OMG LOL
[5:59:47 PM] Matias (Ms. Tea): FAEL

[5:30:59 PM] Gabriel: Maybe that's a question you should ask a girl
[5:31:08 PM] Gabriel: ...What does your belly button look like?

[7:23:39 PM] Futachimaru: YOU
[7:23:40 PM] Futachimaru: FOOL
[7:23:50 PM] Matias [Matryoshka]: .-.
[7:23:52 PM] Matias [Matryoshka]: no
[7:23:53 PM] Matias [Matryoshka]: he did it
[7:24:03 PM] Futachimaru: wait
[7:24:05 PM] Futachimaru: CRAP
[7:24:07 PM] Futachimaru: SORRY
[7:24:11 PM] Futachimaru: meant to send this to glaceon xP
[7:24:37 PM] Matias [Matryoshka]: YEAH I THOUGHT SO
[7:24:42 PM] Matias [Matryoshka]: YOU JUST MOVE ALONG

[12:07:51 AM] Matias [Matryoshka]: I am so playing the sexy one
[12:07:53 AM] Matias [Matryoshka]: for BRs
[12:08:00 AM] Gabriel: Cool
[12:08:08 AM] Matias [Matryoshka]: what are you gonna play?
[12:08:19 AM] Gabriel: I don't own any "sexy one"
[12:08:30 AM] Matias [Matryoshka]: :\
[12:08:33 AM] Gabriel: Well
[12:09:10 AM] Gabriel: There may be an old Groudon ex promo that's really beaten up around the house somewhere
[12:09:17 AM] Gabriel: But that would be it
[12:09:20 AM] Matias [Matryoshka]: lol
[12:09:32 AM] Matias [Matryoshka]: he's illegally sexy
[12:09:44 AM] Gabriel: illegally?
[12:09:46 AM] Matias [Matryoshka]: mhmm
[12:10:02 AM] Gabriel: Because?
[12:10:09 AM] Matias [Matryoshka]: because he can't be used
[12:10:19 AM] Matias [Matryoshka]: his body can't be used*

Frand Dex (totally not stealing Peachy's idea)

In no order...

King Arceus
Tech Frand

King Arceus knows what you don't. He does what you can't. Why? Because he's King Arceus. All hail!

Bro Frand

Nigel is a partner in Broship to Mr. Tea. His Dewott and Floatzel addiction is taken so seriously that his speed stat will be 9001x'd when he sees one.

Profile Frand

If you haven't fotten a profile comment from Elf, it means you've joined a minute ago. She used to have like the most profile comments in the whole Pokebeach universe, but she recently got outclassed. Does that really matter though? What matters is that she's really nice and, more importantly (that part is a joke :p), she LOVES ponies.

Bi Frand

He's got "Bi" IN HIS NAME. He was kind of the reason I made my second username change to Ms. Tea, he sparked the idea. I've known him for like as long as I've had Skype. Sometimes he'll just crack me up with his random video seizures.

Col Frand

I don't think I've met a frand who's coller than this. We hang out on Skype sooo much, and it's always fun...She's really nice, like a lot of my friends, and we have a lot in common.
Aug 15, 1997 (Age: 24)
Florida, USA.
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