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  • Hey dude :)

    Thanks so much for that link! Found it then lost it again haha. At the moment I'm after a dragon with fraxure, but really am keen to add anyone as I'll be looking to breed countless more :)

    My safair's normal with Dunsparce, Audino and Smeargle. If you'd like to add me my code's 1993-9836-6267.

    Sorry for the late reply! Just got home from work haha.
    LLR, Yeah okay I understand now. For the IV suppose I have pokemon that I want fast right id want the characteristic to say Likes to run right if I am trying to be all perfect.
    LLR, I just now have a basic understanding but I dont understand what they mean when they say for example on this Greninja page the EV's that say 4 HP / 252 SPA 252 Spe. Here's the page http://www.smogon.com/dex/xy/pokemon/greninja . From what I know is it when you just lvl up on a specific pokemon and when you lvl it gives you more of that value? If you have a any of the starters like Squirtle, Cyndaquil,Chikorita,Totodile would be much appreciated. The only Event pokemon I want is a Genesect that thing looks smexy.
    LLR, I am starting the process now if you would like anything let me know. At the moment I am breeding with the Jolly Ditto. If you know any poke's that are good with that nature let me know. I currently have Froakie,Nincada,Scyther,Diglett and Snivy will probably be next.
    LLR, You good this one streamer on youtube hooked me up. http://www.reddit.com/r/BreedingDittos/comments/2wqabp/giveaway_so_you_want_a_ditto/ also the first friend I added had a ditto safari but just took awhile for me to have access to the third one.
    LLR, I have never tried before now, but completed Regional Dexs in the past couple of games. I did a lot of transferring to complete this one. Thank goodness for Pokemon Bank. That made it a lot easier.
    Ok, thanks :) I can be on for the next hour or so. I've breed some Solar Power Charmanders and Chlorophyll Bulbasaurs so I could trade you one of each. That's all I have that is better than just a regular Pokemon.
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