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  • Animated-,
    Anything else you need around let me know.
    I'll see if I can help you out.
    Have fun!
    I think I've already added you to all 3.
    If for some reason I didn't give a shout.
    No worries re the late reply.

    I have 2 that I can add you to:
    Ice: Spheal, Bergmite and Cloyster
    Friend Code: 1907-9797-0140

    Electric: Dedenne, Pikachu and Zebstrika.
    Friend Code: 1177-8767-4380

    Oh make that 3.
    I also have my 2DS that I'm playing my ORAS games in.
    If you want Sliggoo then let me know. I'll change game cards.
    It has a Dragon: Fraxure and Dratini
    Friend Code: 1650-3746-1526
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