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  • Possible yes probable no.

    If you're really wanting to do competitive breeding I suggest you visit the trade shops someone may have a cloned 6 IV Ditto that they don't want an arm and leg for.
    LLR, Is it possible for me to catch a ditto with at least one perfect IV at the pokemon village?
    LLR, I believe I did thank you Sir, did you get my FC? If not it is My Friend Code =4141-4220-0193
    Thank you so much!
    I'm so unprepared.
    I told someone I would have some stuff done and I didn't do it.
    So I feel rotten about it.

    Oh well, it'll work out.
    No worries on all counts. I also would be less active for the rest of the week, so I'm glad I was still able to catch you!

    We definitely will. prost! (and good luck with RL.)
    Many thanks again for the trades from my friend and I! :)
    Thanks to you, I now have all the non-event Vivillons. Have a great day tomorrow!
    LLR, I'm really sorry, Iaccepted the request so I'll try to be quick :)
    Please rest well later !
    LLR, I was wondering as well why you weren't coming out as online, then I found that I registered the wrong FC. I can see you online now, though! :)

    Sorry for the wait.
    LLR, thank you very much again! And yes, I'd like to take the Pokeball pattern Vivillons as well for both of us, if you still have them. :)

    I'll add your FC in a few minutes; I still need to level up the scatterbugs I have for the other 2 Ocean Vivillons (I have the others ready, though.)
    Hey LLR! I think you may be interested in the Forum Game The Challenge, which is currently being hosted by Celever and myself. We're still looking for sign ups to start the game, so you playing would be awesome! Link
    LLR, good day, and thank you for contacting me! :)
    No need to apologise for your online activity -- RL sometimes has me too busy to check around, as well.

    I see, regarding the patterns. I assumed that was either the case, or you had everything available for trade due to having so many Vivillon for Vivillon trades! :D

    I'm interested in getting one Icy Snow and one Archipelago (the latter is for a friend who also collects Vivillon), for one Ocean Vivillon each, if that is okay with you! I can also do one Ocean and one Jungle instead, if you prefer!

    Thank you very much again in advance, and have a great day! The rest of your message got cut after "I'll check to see if..."
    LLR, Aww thanks! I'm trying to find some Scatterbugs in my pokemon X game to see what wing pattern they will have. ^^
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