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  • Zarkurn,
    Genesect is one of the Events that I don't have. I keep hoping he'll show up again.

    I have all the starters.
    If you don't mind waiting a few days.
    I'm going to enter my first competition and possibly my last...I want HA Aurorous. I'm trying to get my team ready. Have to register it in 2 days.

    I'll be happy to get you those starters.

    EV = effort value.
    It's a hidden value a Pokémon gets for fainting another pokemon.

    Some sites list what the fainted Pokémon gives for EV.
    I know Audino gives HP EVs. I always look up the others.

    252 means they have fought enough Pokémon to have earned that many EV.
    EV can be taken away by certain berries and some kind of bag in Super Training.
    You can earn EVs in Super Training too.
    The Vitamins Calcium, Zinc etc add to EVs.

    IV = Individual Value.
    It's another Hidden value. IVs are determined at the time the parents are put into Daycare if it is the first egg. IVs are determined when the Egg is received from the Daycare Man for all but the first one.
    IVs can't be changed.
    It's kind of a measure on a scale of 0 to 31 how good that particular stat is.
    Each Pokémon has an IV for HP, Attack, Defense, Spec Attack, Spec Def and Speed.
    The competitive ones usually have 5 or 6 31 IVs.

    Does that help a little?
    I'm pretty much set up for breeding myself.
    Thank you so much for the offer.

    If there are any Pokemon you need as parents please let me know.
    I have a complete non-Event Living Dex and most of the HA Pokémon and I usually give them away.
    I don't have a lot with egg moves.
    I prefer not to IV breed.
    Just to help others enjoy the game.

    I thought I left you this message a couple of days ago...I left it on my own profile
    My apologies!

    Possible yes probable no.

    If you're really wanting to do competitive breeding I suggest you visit the trade shops someone may have a cloned 6 IV Ditto that they don't want an arm and leg for.

    I have some Spanish 2 IV Dittos they aren't great for competitive breeding but they're free.
    Let me know...
    Yes. I seeing the replies in my profile!

    (you can check by either visiting my profile and seeing if your post is there or by looking at your own profile if you see a comment there that you were leaving for someone else.)
    No worries!

    I kept making the same mistake when I first joined...still do if I don't pay close attention.

    I have another DS that I know has a normal safari but I don't know the third Pokemon maybe over the weekend I can finish the game I have in it.

    Just add your friend code and Pokémon in your safari.
    You can contact anyone on the list you want to add.
    Some will respond some will not.

    Anyone who sees and wants your safari will contact you.

    Make sure you use the reply to leave Profile comments.
    I've been having to check your profile to follow our conversation and some of my responses have been a little mixed up.

    At the moment I don't know of anyone with a Ditto safari.
    That link you sent me for the friend codes. Should I just add everyone and eventually people will add me to also if you know someone with a Friend Safari with Ditto? thanks
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