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  • ilovecommas,
    Woh!! Great then.
    I only love piplup(its not that I dislike others) but I like Dawn a lot.
    I feel she is the best partner for Ash.
    Yeah. I just love this cutie.
    And his overconfidence and arrogance is what makes him funny!!
    If I'm using my DS and see yellow I try to send them.
    Good luck with your hunt.
    Boy did it ever!
    Especially being able to move whole boxes at a time!
    When I first started playing in Pearl I tried to complete the Dex. I think I got all but about 40 Pokemon.
    I got burned out trying to get the second set of Starters in Emerald.
    Didn't do much with it until BW2 moved everyone up with the help of my neice.
    Completed a living dex then so now I just have to transfer everyone.
    You're very welcome!

    Congratulations on completing the Dex!
    That takes a lot of work.
    Found a couple of extras...sending trade request now
    If you want to wait a bit...I have to get them from Bank...I can breed them for you.
    Your very welcome.

    What other Pokemon do you need to complete your dex?
    Hey I'll trade to evolve with you.

    Give me a moment to get online in the game
    Hey! I'm currently participating in the forum game, The Challenge 6. For the current challenge we have been tasked to find supporters for our teams. I was hoping you could support mine! :D All you have to do is post the you support The Egg Knights on the forum page! Thanks for the help! :D

    Link- The Challenge 6
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