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  • Lex, OK, I guess. Working, slowly going mad for lack of school, that sort of things. Finally beat white 2 yesterday, so there's that. Now I got nothing to distract me from X and Y. Is it october already?
    Playing Mario Party all weekend with friends.
    As usual.
    It's a gloriously hilarious time waster.
    Heh, yep. Though I won't be wearing a "fancy dress".
    The speech is about immigration policy (I gave the speech a week ago), and the class is public speaking. It's one of the three big speeches of the semester, so I must give it my all!
    Lex, much of the usual, so far. Tomorrow (Thursday) I'm going to give yet another speech, yet this is tantamount to an exam since it's worth about 20% of the grade. If I show up in business attire I get 1% extra credit, so I'm going to go looking my best!
    ...it's been so long since I broke out the fancy dress; the shoes really squeeze my feet. But if it gets me a boost to my grade, it's worth it!
    Yeah, that escalated quickly. So what do you think of aulotte? I liked the first sketch (that was properly ominous), but this last and more "definitive" one, I do not.
    Lex, Modernism and, to a lesser extent, organicism. I'm not big on Postmodernism.
    Looks like that discussion about aulotte's ground type finally ended, right?
    Lex, Ahhhhhhhh... I don't know. I first got into it in high school, just to study something and because the school was closer to my house; and during the first 3 years I flirted with nuclear physics (well, more like reading a book on nuclear energy), chemistry and journalism, but in 4th year we had our first design classes. It's not like playing videogames all day, but it's the second best thing.
    Lex, A 3D projector? that sounds awesome, how is it 3D? doesn't just projects on a flat surface? maybe I'm mistaken, but wouldn't a 3d projector be like a hologram, or something?. I'm currently studying architecture; if anyone ever tells you architects have it easy, smack them in the head for me, will ya?
    Lex, Pretty well, actually; after spending the last three nights without sleep preparing my last project for college, having a good night's sleep is awesome; on the bad side, I have a cold.
    Lex, it takes a good half-hour or so to read it from start to finish, but I am happy you enjoyed the portion you did skim over! I do aim to please.
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