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  • Lex, heh, I don't plan on leaving Pokebeach. I'll stick around for all of you wonderful people.
    Lex, I appreciate your concern, I really do. I just don't think anything at this point in time is enough to antidote all the harm and lousiness that has been brought about. It would have to take something especially groundbreaking and amazing to do that, and something I could really get into as well (I don't really watch TV anymore anyway, outside of Jeopardy).

    But thanks for the support. I think you're one of the first to care enough to go out of your way with good reasons as well, despite my current unwillingness. And that's enough to make me happy. /hug
    Lex, huh, freaky.
    Still, I don't like taking chances on things I know from past experience don't do very well, even though by outward appearances it might appear to be different.

    I appreciate the thought, though...
    Lex, ohhhhhhhhh, the anime.
    I've stayed away from the anime ever since 2003, really. I've never really liked it past season 1, and even then that was iffy.
    Lex, I hope it proves me wrong too. But I get the feeling it won't.
    15 years now with the franchise...and now I've finally had enough. Sigh.
    Lex, ...I...for the most part, yeah.

    I do like to give claims a fair shake, and I've waited a long time before deciding on this. Almost every reveal of Gen 6 I was either impartial towards or I disliked, and most fell under the dislike category (mega-evolutions, majority of new Pokemon revealed, type chart, characters revealed, etc.) Very few things I actually liked - heck, I can only think of one (Fletchling/Talonflame).

    The type chart I think was the nail in the coffin. After that, I just decided to call it quits. Knowing Pokemon's recent horrible track record (look no further than BW-era TCG and BW2 to see what I mean), I decided there's no way it could ever get better, and it was destined to die a slow and painful death, which I want no part of. So I'm 'jumping ship', as it were. I'll probably stick around with TCG until the end of this year, since XY1 doesn't come around until February, but I'll be departing from the video games much sooner. (I barely play them anymore anyway. BW2 was such a waste of time and money.)

    Oh, and...thanks for caring. Really. I don't really get chances to vent to people and you offering that means quite a lot to me.
    Lex, I plan to, yes. I probably won't leave unless XY just gets extremely obnoxious.
    Lex, Gen 6 reveals, primarily. The terrible track record that Pokemon has had lately convinces me that there are no signs of any possible improvement for the game anymore.
    Lex, yeah, the animation in avatar is great, specially during martial arts stuff. For all the hoopla about anime, western cartoons can be even better in some occasions.
    Lex, Yeah, me too, I wonder how can it be that every thing revealed so far it's so amazing. No, I'm afraid I don't watch avatar, the new series, the old one I did watch, it was pretty awesome. But I saw a picture of aang the other day. he had a goatee. Aang. with a goatee. that's crazy awesome. What about you? do watch My little pony friendship is magic?
    Lex, two pyroar? better hope they have a good movepool. But, who am I to talk? I will have a psychic overload this gen. last gen was grass, now it's psychic.
    Lex, gardevoir, ampharos, braixen, vivillon, helioptile's evo, amaura, meowstic F, jolteon, umbreon, glaceon., depending on disponibility. You'll get frogadier, I imagine.
    Lex, damn, you guys get the best things over there.
    Did you got to try the demo of A link between worlds? now I'm jealous, dammit.
    Lex, So it is the same as the CD that came with skyward sword then? zelda's lullaby/symphony of the goddess is one of the best videogame themes ever.
    The usual, school, work and losing my mind when people refuse to accept rational arguments. you?
    Lex, Hey, you are back! I meant dressing up too, I'm not too much into costumes, I'm afraid.
    Never watched doctor who. People love it apparently. I've been binging in MLP now, the last weekend I watched a 9 hour video with the entire first season, it was awesome, but I now have one (okay, three) of the songs looping incessantly in my head. I love it.
    I heard a lot of things about okami and earthbound, never played them, though. Is that zelda symphony concert is the same one of the 25 year anniversary? that CD was awesome.
    Lex, Wait, psychology? seriously? I had wrote psychology but deleted it because architecture, philosopy and psychology was too much academic stuff... seriously? you are watching me, aren't you? what is it? spyware? cameras? invisible drones? you can tell me, I won't tell anyone.
    I like all of those (except the trying new things stuff), especially action movies, comics (don't have a lot though, just the animated batman comics) and dressing up (you mean dressing? or costumes?) and the star wars thing is true, the original three are the best, with some very select stuff from the EU.
    Games... well, my current library is eclectic, I'd say. mass effect, assasins creed, tomb raider 2013, PORTAL PORTAL PORTAL, batman arkham, KOTOR, sims 3, RE 4 and revelations, m******* SKYRIM, remember me, scribblenauts, jedi knight mysteries of the sith (VERY old school), and some of the lego games in PC, and most of kirby, pokemon, mario, metroid and zelda.
    What do you use to put that 3d projector to good use?
    I don't watch much TV, I've seen all the good stuff at this point, I saw half of my little pony for the first time yesterday (also, rambo 4. awesome.) and I get why people like it so much (I just saw a whole episode today).
    Hmmm. I never liked it when I was little... times change, huh?
    Lex, I have a reaaaally boring life, so not much I guess, star wars, philosophy and games... especially games. how about you? what else besides pokemon and making jello?
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