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  • Lex, Alright, The scatterbug is in. But I can't see you in my friends list on the PSS. I can, however, see a bunch of people under passerby, and their pokemon cross the pokemon àmie screen.
    Lex, Why not? I don't plan on collecting, but since you'll have to trade me a pokemon anyway... I'll let you know when I get it, we'll have to figure out how to trade.
    Lex, Yeah, now I'm a little caught up in this hotel business, and trying to put some order on my closet, and I also want to play some skyrim and arkham city, and... well, you get the idea. I got so far as the sycamore lab for now, I'll catch the scatterbug when I'm back in the game and let you know. Any specific natures or gender?
    Lex, Yes, pokemon ámie is awesome. I still don't get the mechanics, but I settle with petting and feeding my vivillon, fennekin and ralts. Want a modern vivillon? I can trade you a scatterbug.
    Lex, High plains is not as good as the others, in my opinion. I got modern, it was my second favorite after meadow.
    Lex, What vivillon pattern do you have? I haven't found my respective pattern in the lists. I don't think viola's counts.
    Lex, If you use sabrina you'll have to leve her as braixen, though. Your first? you beat the game already? or is it what you have now?
    Lex, Pixel, that's good. I was tempted to name my fennekin Sabrina; I used to name all my pokemon, then stopped; sometimes coming with names was very hard.
    Lex, Yay!. How does the PSS find people by friend codes? both must be online simultaneously? This. game. is. awesome. If you rub spewpa's belly, her fur expands and she releases confetti.
    Lex, Thanks, darling, but I don't think that has a lot of chances of happening, unless I can get my hands on some torpedoes by tomorrow at 7 PM.
    I got Y, though, so when I finally fail this class; pokemon time!
    my friend code is 3784 0394 7041, I just realized I hadn't given it to you.
    Lex, I will, don't worry; though it might be a while before I can do it; it's deadline season and the professors are going mad with weekly corrections. Why did they had to choose this time? this is pokemon time, damnit.
    Lex, You said it. If they just kept adding pokemon, things would go out of control pretty quickly. In paper, is kinda disappointing having half the new pokemon, moves and abilities we always get, but it's not as important when you actually play the games. This gen, it's the gameplay that matters.
    Lex, So you didn't like greninja, huh? half the time, the final starters are awful, the other half, the middle stages are the best. I can't wait to see to see your trainer either!
    Lex, mmm, good point.
    My team is unchanged, really. Curiously, I don't like too much the rest of the leaked pokemon. might throw a carbink in there, too. hey, we got a jewel pokemon, and it's not an eeveelution.
    Haha, no, I would get it this instant if I could. but tomorrow is sunday, the monday is a holiday and thursday is when I pass by the place where they have it at 500 bucks, today I went to other place, they had them at 550 and in internet I can get them for 600. It's easier and cheaper to wait, no crowds here.
    Lex, Yeah, I found it weird that you wanted skrelp but are getting X. But yeah, dragalge might be one of the few poison pokemon I actually like. Have you picked the team yet?
    Lex, You got X? I still haven't decided mine, but I plan on picking it up the 15th. Neither game has exclusives that I like, so I guess I'll take whatever is available. Maybe I'll get Y, since you got X, and DEATH WING of course. Buut, destruction doesn't really suit me... decisions, decisons...
    Lex' pid='2528457' dateline='1379811156 said:
    A Nidoking, Mafiosa. (a person belonging to the Mafia)

    Ummm... lex... italian and spanish words can be gendered. Ending in O for males and A for females, usually.
    And mafiosi is an italian word. Mafioso is a man in the mafia, while mafiosa is a woman in the mafia...
    What I'm trying to say is that you basically called your badass nidoking a girl.
    There, I said it. Anyway, hi!
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