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  • Lex, well, I'm guessing that after this, you won't be able to even look at jello for at least a couple of months, am I right?
    Be careful of when you'll have to make "pokemon night"... haha
    Lex, great! did you had to do all that jello yourself? maan. But, quoting joey, "there's always room for jell-o..."
    Lex, permanent? awesome. Let's see, If I got it right, you work for the state or the complex's administration, they give you an apartment and you organize events for the complex's admin. Did I got it right?
    I don't do soo amazing... I'm pretty lazy, plus all of those classes are by teams, and I'm not pretty good working with other people.
    Lex, a free apartment? you mean, permanent? or is it during the planning? sweet!

    classes go well. for the moment, at least. I have to do some theorical reaserch on the concept of "environment" or "landscape", investigate the envelope of a building, and structures class is pretty easy. my teachers are pretty lenient for what is basically engineering lite.
    Lex, jello night? sounds messy. what is it? I'm good, back to school and again wanting vacations... and it's just starting.
    Lex, Gen VI will have enough plugs already, new, groundbreaking games, TCG, a whole new gen... I think they chose red and blue because they were the start of all, and they are leaving the door open to continue with the following games if it proves successful, besides, it keeps the games relevant, there are a lot of fans out there who missed the awesomeness that were red and blue, poor things.
    Oh, don't worry, I'm sure that however it turns out, it'll still be better than the regular series, if only because it will be a new, fresh way to see pokemon red.
    Lex, hi! it's been some time! For starters, I'm just happy we won't see ash in there... or pikachu... or jessie and james. Maybe this time we'll get the good team rocket and a relatively smart protagonist and plot. Also, a canon for the games would be interesting. you?
    I tend to do that too, and for the most part, it does help! Thanks very much for the encouragement.
    Lex, I believe the word you're looking for is not 'peaked', but rather 'piqued' :p

    There's this side project I've been wanting to do for a while, and, though I'm almost done with it, I can't find motivation to get up and keep going again. It's like writer's block, almost.
    Then tomorrow there's a chance I will be meeting up with some friends of mine who are here from out of town. Hopefully I will be enjoying that very much.
    Lex, [extremely late response]

    Lazy but good - one week left of my summer break (okay technically it's 3 days), and as usual, I didn't do anything I wanted to do. Maybe in the next couple days I will, but...I've been distracted with something called Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

    oh man that game is fun
    Lex, I know, right? this might be their chance to do two games very different from each other but keeping some core things the same. freaking finally.
    Lex, Yeah, at first I liked xerneas too, but DEATH WING (I'm sorry, I know I bring it up too much, but DEATH WING
    So far I don't like any of the exclusives. X seems to get more cute stuff while Y gets more serious pokemon. You think the difference will really be that deep?
    Lex, I dunno, I had the chance to reserve one for when they come out, but I decided to wait more details about exclusives and that stuff, and the themes don't help also. We don't know how much they affect the games, and both destruction and life sound interesting... You decided which one?
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