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  • We're paired for mini tourney! ^.^

    what times are you available to play? I can't play tomorrow (moving into college + fantasy football draft) but I'm free for the entirety of the week after that.
    [2:14:47 PM] DNA: omg
    [2:14:51 PM] DNA: dragunity assault is a dick
    [2:15:19 PM] Aman Gill: looool
    [2:15:33 PM] DNA: I'm getting SDAM out T1 and T2
    [2:15:38 PM] DNA: HOW BEAT!?!?!
    [2:15:59 PM] Aman Gill: XD
    [2:16:20 PM] DNA: someone dropped a geo genex
    [2:16:28 PM] DNA: I look at my opener and go "...this is godly"
    [2:17:18 PM] Aman Gill: hah
    [2:17:26 PM] DNA: it was AMA!, Dux, Aklys, Ravine, Terraforming, and Mystletainn
    [2:18:14 PM] DNA: Ravine, dump Aklys from hand to put Phalanx in grave
    [2:18:32 PM] DNA: normal Dux, get Phalanx and sync for Vajrayana (6)
    [2:18:48 PM] DNA: use its effect to get Aklys, then its other effect to double its ATK (to 3800) and Aklys pops 1 card
    [2:18:52 PM] DNA: attack directly for 3800
    [2:19:12 PM] DNA: MP2 send Vajrayana to Special Summon Mystletainn, get Phalanx, Sync for 8 into Stardust, and set AMA!.
    [2:19:20 PM] DNA: I end. During my opponent's Draw Phase I go into SDAM.
    [2:19:32 PM] Aman Gill: daaaaaaaaaaaaaam
    [2:19:39 PM] Aman Gill: sun
    [2:19:45 PM] Aman Gill: what's with that hand
    [2:19:50 PM] DNA: that's like godtier opener

    You have experience playing/building Dragunities, right? I'd like your opinion on something.
    So I did some research about attacks discarding tools from Sigilyph.
    As it turns out, the old wording was 'discard all (or any) Pokémon Tool cards attached to that Pokémon'. It only changed in English for B/W; it did not change at all for the Japanese. I know there are other cards like that in D/P era; the Aipom is just the first one that comes to mind.

    So in the end it's just English wording being far too simplistic for their own good. Again.
    Ur an idiot... Learn to read, I said stock the heck out of stool scrappers... Stock means gather, Heck of/out means a lot...

    /me leaves with DV looking like a fool
    Abomasnow a stage 1 that requires 3 energy to not even OHKO say, Heatran EX, and it confuses itself so you can't even guarantee that it'll be able to attack easily the following turn.
    Virizion EX negates the self-confusion effect.
    Tell me 2 YGO archetypes.
    Not gonna tell you why I'm requesting this, because it might influence your answer.
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