Dork Void

<Nagisa> Amy is like that warm shower after a day in the cold
<Nagisa> A cold breeze after a hot work out
<DNA> ...sensual.
<Nagisa> A ball of sunshine that you get to wake up to every morning
<DarkVoid> the sun is one of those too
<Nagisa> Yeah but Amy is hotter :p

<SheNinja> why would you need testes

<Gardy> But I don't know how to spell
<Gardy> So I was confused.

[11:05:20 PM] Dark Void: where do you live?
[11:05:21 PM] Allen (Tsoliades): yes


[10:20:40 PM] Dakota: and jelly can burn

No, this wasn't sarcasm. If you can figure out the relative context, have a cookie.

MtG cards with flavor text with flavor texts that I like for whatever reason (often puns or otherwise funny):
Sep 4, 1998 (Age: 25)
Pokemon Involvement
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#BANALLTHINGS wishes to make the gen 5 ou format playable again by introducing a large number of bans. These bans include (but are not limited to): Terrakion, Thundurus-T, Tornadus-I, Ferrothorn, every Water type (Politoed excluded), not Drizzle, and every member who even thinks about writing #occupycamoclone on said mod's wall.



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