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    XY The Two Legendary Pokémon

    RE: The Two Legendary Pokemon If you play X the climatic event will be giving legend x it's head back lol
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    first ticket

    We just saw the scans, no official ruling as of now. Though what i see if a 4 or 0 card in your deck that is not a staple. If you have the 4 extra spots in your deck...put something better in than this. Great binder card though.
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    Rise of Scizor Prime?

    Scizor Prime won't work at all in the upcoming states format. While it will be 6-Prizes just due to the fact it's running Rainbow/Prism/DCE, Scizor loses to Zek EX, Mageel, Reshi EX, and M2. Ya, it loses to M2 big time (only uses DCE and the second they see scyther they just won't use it)...
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    Thoughts on BW on decks?

    Until everybody plays Goth/Reun, then you'll have to face the most terrible mirror match in the world.
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    Top 4 Decks to Test Against to Prepare for BRs

    You have me at ZPS, but I really don't see that as a deck until Eviolite comes out. HorseMega takes a lot more skill than you stated, it is actually a deck that takes some thinking. I really haven't tested Megazord as much as I would like, but TyRam is still the easiest deck in the format to...
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    Volbeat Illumise Deck

    I've made this deck before, here's what you need really. 4/4 Volbeat/Illumise 8-10 energies So you're using 16-18 spots of your deck right now. The other 42-44 spots are all going to be trainers and supporters to raise the consistancy of the deck along with damage output and board...
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    "Nothing but Techs" Deck?

    Isn't this pretty much google Deck really?? That was really just an anti-meta rogue deck with counters to everything plus trainerlock.
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    Raichu Prime-Is it worth anything?

    Short answer: no. Long answer: no. It is a Stage 1 with a low amount of HP, weak to one of the most played cards in the format, needs heavy bench support in a format with catcher in it, along with the fact that there is another card that is a Basic, does pretty much the same thing as it...
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    Top 4 Decks to Test Against to Prepare for BRs

    Stage 1's (MegaZorD really...) is going to be be heavily played, mainly because at worst it'll be Tier 1, at best it'll be BDIF, and has great matchups across the board. TyRam will see a lot of play due to its Worlds showing, and just by the whole fact that it's the easiest deck in the format...
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    Terror ops(Archeops,Terrakion)

    Acheops NEEDS to be paired with Vileplume or it will just be catchered up, and with Jirachi, to get rid of any early evolutions. If you can pull that off relatively quickly, it will give you a good matchup versuses most decks in the format that aren't based around a Basic attack.
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    Please Help My Donphan Toolbox

    Pokémon: 21 3 - 3 Donphan Prime (HGSS-107) 4 - 3 Yanmega Prime (TR-98) 2 - 2 Zoroark (BW-71) 2 Zekrom (BW-47) 1 Reshiram 1 Manaphy (UL-3) T/S/S: 28 4 Pluspower 4 Junk Arm 4 Pokemon Communication 3 Pokemon Reversal 2 Switch 4 Pokémon Collector 4 Copycat 3 Judge Energy: 11 6...
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    Please Help My Donphan Toolbox

    Pokémon: 19 3 - 3 Donphan Prime (HGSS-107) 3 - 3 Yanmega Prime (TR-98) 2 - 2 Zoroark (BW-71) 1 Zekrom (BW-47) 1 Reshiram 1 Manaphy (UL-3) T/S/S: 28 4 Pluspower 4 Junk Arm 4 Pokemon Communication 3 Pokemon Reversal 3 Switch 4 Pokémon Collector 3 Copycat 3 Judge Energy: 13 8...
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    Leafeon from Undaunted/Call of Legends

    With Catcher going to be in the format, Leafeon varients become unplayable pretty much. You play down your Roserade, they Catcher it up and KO it...ya... Also, with all the sniping that Yanmega is doing and the fact that you're also damaging your own Pokemon with Rainbow just makes this deck one...
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    Pokemon Special: Black & White Manga

    My brother has purchased the Viz serializations of the manga mainly due to the fact that he has an eye condition that makes it extremely tough for him to read text on a computer. The first book is 4 chapters that haven't been scanlated online, with the second book covering the introduction of...
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    State of the game Emerging Powers-ON

    Stage 1 toolbox is going to be a pretty fun deck to play, though there is going to be one problem with it; the list itself. A person who does extremely well with a Stage 1 toolbox is going to have to be extremely good at understand there metagame and what to counter it with.