Typhlosion Promo at Gamestop for “Astral Radiance!”

We’ve learned Gamestop will be giving away a Typhlosion promo card on May 27th! This is to celebrate the release of Astral Radiance in stores. You will be able to get the promo when purchasing $15 of Pokemon TCG merchandise.

The promo will likely be the regular Hisuian Typhlosion from Time Gazer and Space Juggler. It should be printed on cosmic holofoil paper with a special Gamestop stamp. We’ll post photos closer to release.

We haven’t had a Gamestop promo for the past few sets — the last one was Duraludon for Evolving Skies in August 2021.

Astral Radiance will combine the cards from Battle Region, Time Gazer, and Space Juggler. Many cards will be cut and saved for our August set, Lost Origin, due to the combined size of the sets.