Gamestop Duraludon Promo Confirmed!

As we posted a few weeks ago, Gamestop will be giving out a Duraludon promo starting August 27th! This is to celebrate the release of Evolving Skies. You can get the promo when purchasing $15 of Pokemon TCG merchandise.

It’s of course a reprint with a Gamestop stamp. While the original SWSH promo was printed on galaxy holofoil paper, this one is printed on regular holofoil paper. The color of the Gamestop logo has also changed from black to red for this release.

This is yet another Gigantamax-capable Pokemon of receiving a promo card at Gamestop. Before Duraludon we had Sandaconda, Flapple, Copperajah, and Centiskorch.

EB Games in Canada will also be holding the promotion. Their version will have an EB Games stamp in the corner.

Thanks goes to Roronoa Z. for sending us these photos!