35+ “Astral Radiance” Cards Revealed!

TPCi has revealed several cards from Astral Radiance on Pokemon.com! In an effort to promote the TCG among fans who don’t normally follow it, they’ve also sent card images to general gaming websites including CBR, Dexerto, Dice Breaker, Eclypsia, Gamebyte, Planet Smarts, and Sports Best News. Some are foreign outlets.

Although some of the cards are in other languages, they help us form the international set list. A huge chunk of cards will be cut from our English set and saved for August’s Lost Origin, so every reveal helps us better understand what cards are going to be included in this set. (See below for more information.)

As expected, the main set list will draw from February’s Battle Region and April’s Time Gazer & Space Juggler. The set’s Trainer Gallery will mainly pull its cards from the secret rare portion of December’s VMAX Climax.

Astral Radiance will release on May 27th.

Astral Radiance will feature over 180 cards before secret rares. This means a huge chunk of cards will be cut from our English set and saved for the next English set, as there’s too many cards coming from the Japanese sets:

For the next few sets we’ll probably see between 50 to 70 cards delayed from one set to the next, such as when 55 cards that would have been in Chilling Reign were delayed to Evolving Skies, then over 90 cards that would have been in Evolving Skies were delayed to Fusion Strike. This “shuffling around” will help even out the size of the sets. This will make the next several sets more unpredictable.