Winners of PokeBeach’s February Community Blog Contest + Prizes!

TCGplayer And PokeBeachThe winners of PokeBeach’s first community blog contest have been chosen!

Coming in first place is TheUltimateAbsol with his article “Should You Really Buy This? Analyzing the Hype and Prices Behind BREAKpoint!” His article goes into deep analysis of several of the new cards from BREAKpoint, as well as a few tips for determining the current and future prices of newly-released cards. Because of his article’s quality and depth, he has won a free BREAKpoint booster box from!

Coming in a close second place was Elliot Sayles with his article “Gonna Raichu an Article!” This article covers many different variants of the Raichu / Crobat deck, discussing the cards he included in each list and the matchups of every variant. He will walk away with 12 BREAKpoint booster packs.

Although we stated we would only give out one booster box to the first place winner, we were able to scrap together several more booster packs for second place. We may do so again in the future if an article exceeds our expectations.

The winning articles were chosen based on objective and subjective factors, such as unique views, community interaction, votes from the article staff, and several other factors that you can find documented in our community blog guide.

Thank you’s also go out to all of our members who submitted community blog entries this month! Our community blog wouldn’t be anything without you, and we thank each of you for your hard work!

Ready for March’s Contest?

PokeBeach will be hosting a community blog contest every month, meaning you will always have the chance to win a booster box from TCGplayer! If you are interested in writing a blog article, please read our community blog guide. Anyone may write an article, so will you be joining us for this month’s contest? Or will you stand on the sidelines as everyone snatches up your prizes and gets all the fame? :p

Once your article has been approved and published, it will be posted to the “Community Blog” section on the front page. Even if you’re not interested in winning prizes, your work will still be seen by thousands of people.

Thanks, TCGplayer!

All of these prizes are brought to you by in partnership with PokeBeach. TCGplayer’s online store offers the cheapest Pokemon cards on the Internet from thousands of different sellers — you will find no better deals on Pokemon cards! So be sure to check them out any time you want to purchase or sell Pokemon cards in the future!

March’s TCG Cup is Starting Soon!

Trophy Clipart 7cagzxdcAAlso in partnership with TCGplayer, PokeBeach’s members can participate in monthly TCG tournaments where we will give out up to four booster boxes of prizes! The top 32 players will also win Prize Wall points from TCGplayer, allowing you to get even more more Pokemon booster packs and promo products from their online store.

Plus, if you’re a PokeBeach premium member, you’ll earn double the amount of booster packs for placing high in the tournaments. You’ll also get reserved slots and you’ll have the chance to win even more booster packs and promo products based on the deck you use. Our tournaments are just one of the many reasons to purchase a PokeBeach premium subscription, not to mention all of the insightful articles you’ll read each week from the game’s top players. So what’re you waiting for?

(Note: The Pokémon Company International is not a sponsor or endorser of PokeBeach’s tournaments, contests, or prizes, nor does the company or its affiliates have any formal association with PokeBeach. Our activities are by fans, for fans, and are not sanctioned or approved by TPCi.)