Toys R Us Giving Out Up to Eight Promo Cards for 20th Anniversary

Toys R Us Generations PromosIf you visited Toys R Us on “Pokemon Day” this past Saturday in the United States, you picked up a special holo version of Pikachu and Magikarp from Generations with a Toys R Us stamp.

You may have also received a flyer that showed Clefairy and Meowth from Generations will also be given out to fans who visit Toys R Us on April 2nd.

Well, according to Canada’s Toys R Us website, Canadian Toys R Us stores will be giving out a promo card each month for Pokemon’s 20th anniversary: Pikachu on February 27th, Tangela on March 19th, Magikarp on April 23rd, Geodude on May 21st, Clefairy on June 18th, Ponyta on July 16th, Meowth on August 20th, and Slowpoke on September 27th. (Again, all from Generations as holos with a special TRU stamp.)

This almost certainly means America will get the same promo cards, though on a different release schedule. Whereas Canadian Toys R Us stores will give out the cards one at a time each month, it seems our stores will give them out in pairs every other month. It won’t be in the same order of Canada’s stores either, so we’ll likely find out the specific order on each release date.

And remember, Target will be giving out a shiny Magikarp promo (with actual XY promo numbering) on March 19th!

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  1. Dino.Collector @Primal.Army General- Gold Star & Gen 3 Collector


    I actually emailed you about this awhile ago WPM- is there a better way to contact you, like through the forums?
    [EDIT: Just realized because of autocorrect I ended up using "Pokémon" (with an accent) instead of "Pokemon" in the body of the email, which might have filtered it out. Oh well.]
    Also, just realized there's going to be a Ponyta promo, I'm excited for that :)
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  2. Celty Somebody you used to know


    That's cool and all, but much more excited about the Target gold karp *^*
  3. Dfwallace2 Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    Hmm. The Toys R Us I visited on Saturday only gave out 1 promo card (Magikarp)... I guess I'll need to give them a call to find out why I didn't get a Pikachu.
  4. orthusaku Aspiring Trainer


    Is there any thing we as players can do to stop scalpers at this events?
  5. Dfwallace2 Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    I guess we could report the store to Pokemon for not following rules but I doubt if there would be repercussions (I believe the Toys R Us employees were instructed by Pokemon to only give the promo materials to young kids). If the employees followed the rules, I doubt the scalpers would be able to get their hands on enough of the cards to make a difference. At the event I went to, the employees were following the rules, but not the case everywhere.
  6. ironcladmerc Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    There was no lineup at my local Toys R Us for the Pikachu promo, people waited in their cars and once the store opened, there was about 15-20 people total to get the card. The store had 250 cards to give out.
  7. TokenDuelist YGO TCG is Cheaper. Fight me.


    Nope. Usually they should just give it once to each person that asks for it. Other than that - there should be no reason for someone to demand more than 2 at most. I mean I'd go with friends just to ask them to pick some extra up for me for a playset but other than that.... I'm just happy with the one that I got.
  8. SaiScott95 TCG Fanboy


    I might have to go with a few friends to pick up a playset for my Team Magma's Gyarados deck.
  9. Athena Envoy of Mediation

    Advanced Member Member

  10. Crimzonlogic I'm Batwoman.


    What kind of holo pattern do these promos have?
  11. Lostlorn Forest Sinnoh is the best region
    Lostlorn Forest


    Oh dear, looks like I'm going to have to spend more gas money on common cards. No matter, I usually pick up a bunch of packs when I'm there anyway, should be fun for a Saturday :)

    Odd thing I encountered when I was picking up my Magikarp promo: The holo pattern for the three I picked out were unique. Generally they resemble bubbles but they didn't seem to be exactly alike. I scanned the rest on the table and from what I could see, it was like that for all of them?

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  12. Maserati777 Aspiring Trainer


    That would be a good sale, if they actually had the Jirachi figure and plush for sale....
  13. treyh37 Watcher of Thorns


    when I went and got the mew box a couple months ago they had that buy 1 get 1 40% off but the price of the boxes was 16.99 msrp is 12.99... so even with the deal it cost like $1 more before tax, luckily I pulled two jolteon ex and a FA flareon ex.

    so unless they changed it back to msrp or you can get them to pricematch your better off buying the mew/celebi/jirachi boxes elsewhere.
  14. Raigetsu Lightning Trainer


    I'm going simply because last time the place was swamped with kids who where trading. I'm assuming this might happen here too.
  15. Dino.Collector @Primal.Army General- Gold Star & Gen 3 Collector


    I was able to pick up a few pairs of the promos, so that was pretty cool.
    However, it was disappointing to me that the date and promos for the next giveaway were not announced on the back of the activity booklet like last time. :(
    Oh well. Can't wait for the information to be revealed!
  16. SkyeVictini Seriously, calm down.


    Actually, the sale was just for the TCG. The toys were not on sale after being on sale for pretty much the past month. Of course, its the day when they finally had Espurr and Cubone Poke Balls in stock. :mad: (Still got them though.)

    Also got the promos along with the Jirachi Box. Got a full art Sylveon out of that! :D
  17. Agb Aspiring Trainer

    Member I missed the first promo and poster and cards; however, this second one, I went to and was able to get both the Meowth and Clefairy promo cards. Not only that, I obtained a free holographic Pokken Tournament poster from a local Nintendo rep. They also had a drawing for a Jirachi Plush toy.

    Downside. I did not want to feel greedy, but there was like half a box of each of the cards leftover :'( I was staring $ in the face. Apparently, they have to destroy all those cards after a certain time.

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  18. There was no Pokken Tournament poster for us.

    So is there supposed to be another one of these a couple months or so down the line?
  19. Agb Aspiring Trainer


    Well the reason why was because of our local Nintendo rep being there. I have no idea how these reps come about. He was just handing out random posters that he had an excess of.

    Someone had asked that and she had told all of us that it was this website that she heard about these promos from. I actually heard about it through a "mom's" website. Freebie mailer that tells about all free giveaways and coupons. lol

    Canada seems to have it best. They get a new promo card every month. From the Nintendo rep, he just said "They did not tell us anything so I would just look out for it."

    We have it better than Brazil. They have to actually buy stuff to get the Pikachu card.

    I do not want to get your hopes down; however, I think the reason why is because this was the last one. Why would they advertise in Canada that they get a promo card every month; however, for the U.S., they just give us two dates? I mean maybe there may be more; however, I highly doubt it. They would have just given us what they gave to Canada.

    There is one youtuber by the name of GiritinaTCG, who uploaded a video of what he received from the promos thus far and he mentions that magikarp is still playable if you are trying to evolve it in battle. It is actually better than Pikachu and Clefairy as you would need to get 2 energies before either of them could use a damaging attack. Of course for Magikarp, he only has 30 hp. You would have to hope that Pikachu does not get that heads to deal another 10 damage on top of the 20 for his second move. For Meowth and Magikarp, they just need an energy and a heads. ;)

    If we were just fighting with these cards alone, in terms of ranking, it would go Pikachu (because of the paralysis) with Nuzzle and it's 20-30 hp attack, then Clefairy (because it can heal and do up to 20 damage a turn), Magikarp (it would take Pikachu two turns to kill the Magikarp, if the player never got heads on the first attack) and Meowth because it can dish out 30 attack, but it also hurts itself, if tails.

    For the promo today, the table was in Babies R Us because the Toys R Us is connected to one. I would not have known it was Pokemon related if the line did not grow and yes, it is basically like meal time. Everyone goes through once and if you are still waiting, which I was because they also had a drawing for Jirachi, I just asked for another set. They had two boxes, half filled, with meowth and clefairy cards! I just had to be the ungreedy one and only take seconds. :'( The Nintendo rep said the rest would be destroyed.

    If it makes you feel any better, I had no idea they were having a promotion for Pokemon until today. I missed out on the 151 poster and the backside where they had every Pokemon game ever played, except for Moon and Sun.

    That was what I was thinking. When I was a kid, I had one of those posters from universal studios that had all 150! Then again, the Pokemon after the 2nd generation became lamer, I thought.

    If you wait and then ask, they may. I was able to get two sets of Meowth and Clefairy. Two half filled boxes of those cards are going to get destroyed because I did not want to be too greedy over wanting more.

    Straight holo on the Meowth and same with the Clefairy, with the stars around Clefairy sparkling yellow.

    They had a drawing for that today
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  20. Maserati777 Aspiring Trainer


    Went today, they had a random table with the boxes unattended, I was able to get Meowth, Clefairy and Magikarp, the other box was empty so not sure what that was. I think there was a Pikachu one. I know a lot of people were probably picking up handfuls of each, so not surprised.

    This mixed with the poorly thought out decision to make the plushes and figures toys r us exclusive, then to make them extremely limited, like 4 per store. I mean we have 1 Toys R Us location here and they got 4 Jirachi plushes? Did Pokémon only produce 500 of each plush and number them as well? What's the point of making them in the first place, but not mentioning they are extremely limited? Also no sign of the Jirachi figures, they had and still have the Celebi figures so I assume they either haven't received them(Can confirm they received the four plushes, they were gone as soon as they put them out, whenever that was), or they got a small amount of them and sold out as soon as they were put out. Which is unlikely since they got maybe 30 of the Celebi figures. Hopefully the first is true since only releasing 4 or 5 of the figures to about 1 million people is kind of inexcusable.