Toys R Us Giving Out Up to Eight Promo Cards for 20th Anniversary

Toys R Us Generations PromosIf you visited Toys R Us on “Pokemon Day” this past Saturday in the United States, you picked up a special holo version of Pikachu and Magikarp from Generations with a Toys R Us stamp.

You may have also received a flyer that showed Clefairy and Meowth from Generations will also be given out to fans who visit Toys R Us on April 2nd.

Well, according to Canada’s Toys R Us website, Canadian Toys R Us stores will be giving out a promo card each month for Pokemon’s 20th anniversary: Pikachu on February 27th, Tangela on March 19th, Magikarp on April 23rd, Geodude on May 21st, Clefairy on June 18th, Ponyta on July 16th, Meowth on August 20th, and Slowpoke on September 27th. (Again, all from Generations as holos with a special TRU stamp.)

This almost certainly means America will get the same promo cards, though on a different release schedule. Whereas Canadian Toys R Us stores will give out the cards one at a time each month, it seems our stores will give them out in pairs every other month. It won’t be in the same order of Canada’s stores either, so we’ll likely find out the specific order on each release date.

And remember, Target will be giving out a shiny Magikarp promo (with actual XY promo numbering) on March 19th!