Target’s ‘Pokemon Day’ Details, Shiny Magikarp Promo Giveaway!

Target Pokemon DayWell that mystery didn’t last long!

Thanks to a Target employee for anonymously e-mailing me, we have now learned that Target will be giving out the shiny Magikarp promo for their “Pokemon Day,” which will be March 19th, NOT this Saturday (like the other “Pokemon Day” events).

Target’s “Pokemon Day” will take place March 19th from 11 AM to 2 PM in their toy department. Fans will get the Magikarp promo, a Pikachu visor, and there will be a photo booth set up where you can take pictures with Pikachu. According to the documentation, Pokemon is pushing for Target to advertise the #Pokemon20 hashtag, which is of course to bring more awareness to Pokemon.

For the week of March 13th, there will also be a “buy 2, get 1 free” deal on all Pokemon TCG products and 3DS Pokemon games at Target. Sounds pretty cool!

On Friday I’ll make a post about all the “Pokemon Day” events you can expect this Saturday (and March 19th, in Target’s case).