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  • Hey, I'm a NJ master too, I was wondering if you would help me make a deck, currently I play Raichu Bats, but that hasn't worked for me, plus I haven't played in over 4 months. So I'm looking for some advice and maybe some trading.
    If you're interested I can shoot you across a rough list for the deck Im testing atm :)
    Maybe Shaymin? Would love a picture. :) We'll have to wait to work out any kind of deal until next week though since I'll be leaving for vacation soon and will be stuck with limited access until I get back home.
    If you have a list up somewhere I'd be happy to take a look, but I don't really have a list of my own at the moment. Mostly I just pick up some of my favourite Pokémon and/or plush styles that I'm particularly fond of when I see them available. :3
    Not particularly interested since I'm trying to stick to only collecting plush that I really super want, but thanks for the offer! <3
    Elbow' pid='2709855' dateline='1428361672 said:
    xxashxx' pid='2709753' dateline='1428296680 said:
    Oh man looks like a bad manufactures crease. My Base Ninetales has a crease like that except it is on the left center of the card instead. That is a severely damaged card man. You may want to see if you can get it replaced. I suggest you contact the Pokemon Company by email with your photos so they can mail you the replacement cards.:)

    Replaced?!?! I love misprints! :)
    If only graded cards would include misprints as not a card defect *sigh*

    I know exactly how you feel. I love misprints and having them graded would be amazing. I guess the best I can do for now is slabbing them in those screw-together hard cases. :p
    I was judging Seniors at FL Regionals. Between rounds we discussed this ruling. The Pokemon is treated as a not evolved Pokemon which means its ability will work. You always have the right to appeal a decision to the Head Judge if you feel the ruling was incorrect.
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