XY10 ‘Fates Collide’ Set Logo, Info

XY10 Fates Collide Pokemon Fates Collide Elite Trainer Box

We now have the set logo for Fates Collide, our English XY10 set which I exclusively revealed several weeks ago.

As posted before, there will be over 120 cards in the set, including five Pokemon BREAK, 10 Pokemon-EX, and three Mega Evolution Pokemon-EX. The set will be released in America on May 4th.

The only cards known to be in the set so far are Alakazam-EX, M Alakazam-EX, Altaria-EX, M Altaria-EX, Umbreon-EX, Lugia BREAK, and Zygarde in its many different formes. Lugia BREAK will be the first Basic Pokemon and Legendary Pokemon to be featured as a BREAK card.

Alakazam, Lugia, and Zygarde will come together in this set to bring order to the two Pokemon TCG worlds (Pokemon-EX and BREAK Pokemon?). The theme for BREAKpoint was “Pokemon-EX vs. Mega Evolutions vs. Pokemon BREAK,” so it seems the ambiguous conflict is ending with this set, hence the set name “Fates Collide,” the loss of “BREAK” in the set name, and Lugia now being a BREAK card. Lugia has always been a peacemaker, and Zygarde is of course the “Order Pokemon,” so it makes sense they would be the ones to bring order to the TCG world. In real-world terms, perhaps this means the rules about which Pokemon can be what will be looser, hence Lugia BREAK?

This set is our equivalent of Japan’s own XY10 set, Awakening of Psychic Kings, which will be released on March 18th. That set hasn’t officially been revealed yet (nor has Fates Collide, technically), but we might get news about it this week or at the most within a couple of weeks.