‘BREAKpoint’ Now Up on TCGplayer!

BREAKpointTCGplayer And PokeBeach

BREAKpoint cards are now up on TCGplayer! The website lists the cards for sale from over 50 different stores and sellers, all of whom are competing with each other to sell their cards to you for the lowest prices. You can also track the price history of each card and see how it changes over time. So go check them out if you’re interested in purchasing Pokemon singles!

So far the most expensive card is full art Skyla. After Pokemon-EX and Pokemon BREAK, the next most expensive cards are Garchomp, Garbodor, Fighting Fury Belt, and Puzzle of Time.

The BREAKpoint cards have also been added to our writing database, allowing you to easily insert the card links into your blog articles. Have you written a blog article yet? The February competition is still going on and the writer who receives the most attention will win a free BREAKpoint booster box from TCGplayer! So get an article up before the 29th if you want to enter the competition!