‘Volcanion and the Mechanical Magiana’ Movie Poster!

Volcanion And The Mechanical MagianaCoroCoro has revealed the second movie poster for Volcanion and the Mechanical Magiana, the 19th movie. It will premiere in Japan on July 16th. Magiana was leaked online earlier today.

Volcanion and Ash will try to rescue Magiana from Azoth Kingdom, the mechanical city featured in the film. (Note: the little blurb under Magiana doesn’t say anything important.)

The early movie posters don’t always end up showing the Pokemon that will appear in the final film. But if Mega Alakazam turn out to be in the movie, this may explain why it’s the star of XY10, Awakening of Psychic Kings, which will be released on March 18th. Since Volcanion won’t be downloadable in March yet, they’re probably saving it for a June set to promote the film.

When the movie is released in America, perhaps we’ll finally get that shiny M Gengar-EX promo. Or maybe on Halloween?

Update: Another image. I guess its face doesn’t move since it’s always making the same :o expression.

Magiana Manga

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  1. Lostlorn Forest Sinnoh is the best region
    Lostlorn Forest


    Looks too much like Diancie to be marketable.
  2. Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder
    Bolt the Cat


    Tell that to the numerous Pikaclones over the years.
  3. Metalizard Aspiring Trainer


    Shinies are becoming more and more common in the anime and movies... Not a critic, just an observation...
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  4. Rocket The Shellos Aspiring Trainer
    Rocket The Shellos


    It's hard to tell. Is the Alakazam shiny as well or just the Gardevoir and Gengar?
  5. Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder
    Bolt the Cat


    Just the Gardevoir and Gengar. Shiny Alakazam has purple arms, not brown arms (and that goes for regular and Mega Alakazam).
  6. fleshrum April in Kalos...

    Advanced Member Member

    Steel/Fairy shoo-in
  7. RealSlim Dragons Breeder


    Well, since I'm Italian, I hope that these theories will become truth :D
  8. G-Panthera Panthera's Fiercest Fighter


    Then you can best prepare for a potential crow dish, because all current evidence is leading towards a Gen 6 Part 2 scenario:

    1. There are still things within Kalos yet un-resolved. I can't exactly remember what, but its there nonetheless.

    2. There's Zygarde's hidden moves coded into the X&Y games - Thousand Arrows and Thousand Waves. If he was being glossed over, they wouldn't leave such information behind in the games.

    3. We still have to obtain Volcanion, the last Pokémon of the Kalos Dex, or should I say, the last Pokémon in the first half of the Kalos Dex

    4. Magiana looks way too much like a mechanical Diancie. Would have to be a fool to think otherwise, thus making it related to the Kalos mythos.

    5. There's a prevalient theory about a possible southern Kalos, as hinted/foreshadowed within the X/Y Games. Not a exact "New" region, but one that adds to Kalos likely, in similar veins with Black 2 and White 2, but this time with never-before seen Pokémon, such as Magiana, yet belongs in the Kalos region.

    6. There's great focus on Zygarde himself within the anime, and the anime is currently called Pokémon "XY&Z". Meaning this is still Gen 6, now going to a potential part 2.

    7. There still needs to come a third game, or a pair of new games relating to Kalos in one way or another. So far every Gen has pretty much done this.

    8. We still need to get Zygarde in this new game, however he's implemented into said game due to his hidden moves, so this is a given no matter what.

    9. Lastly, Masuda himself has said in a interview that he wants to end Gen 6 on a unique way/manner. If ideas allign as guessed by many on the net, adding new Kalos Pokémon during mid-gen is something that has not been done yet in the entire series.

    That said, you may feel to disagree on this, but I and mostly everyone else can't see any well-presented evidence leading to a Gen 7. As such, prepare for the possibility that you're camping on the wrong side of the spectrum on this.

    Gen 7 isn't coming yet, and if it does, its for the NX handheld as the 3DS is slowly phasing out. Pokemon Z/XYZ will stay on the 3DS and likely be its swan song, and for that to happen, it has to be something special.
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  9. ArceusTrainer Arceus Collector


    Also, this is the only generation we have had online patches to fix things ingame, why not roll out a patch with new pokemon if gen 6.5 is happening?

    inb4 ''GF can't force you to update the game, bullshit''

    Don't know if this still applies, but in 3rd gen Emerald had patches for Ruby/Sapphire in game files which was added during trade between the games
  10. Ramo0927 I am a


    we need a shiny mega gengar ex promo

    btw magiana looks like bronzor had sex with a mega gardevoir
  11. HA559 Aspiring Trainer


    It's name should've started with W. Then we would have had
    V - Volcanion
    W - this pokemon
    X - Xerneas
    Y - Yveltal
    Z - Zygarde
  12. G-Panthera Panthera's Fiercest Fighter


    Indeed. GF is pretty much free in that regard too. We have pretty much transcended the Gameboy/DS era. With the internet capabilities of the present, this is completely possible, so it all works with new Pokemon being added into a existing gen. If all goes well, Gen 6 Part II should prove this correctly without fail.
  13. Skyleaf2000 Resident UB Enthusiast


    This has probably been pointed out already, but it says that they're rescuing Magiana from the "Azoth Kingdom." Does this have anything to do with Team Flare's "Project AZOTH?"
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  14. G-Panthera Panthera's Fiercest Fighter


    The immortal 3000 year old character named AZ and Team Flare's Project AZOTH, yeah, pretty much. No doubt in that guess. Its all Gen 6 related that's going up a notch, in a unusual, unique way this time.
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  15. Lostlorn Forest Sinnoh is the best region
    Lostlorn Forest


    Except Pikachu is extremely popular even now. That's why Pikaclones are a thing. Diancie not so much. This movie is so "been there, done that".
  16. Mitja veteran smartass


    Just like Mesprit/Uxie/Azelf were totally going to be retconned into Psychic/Fairy types, right? ;)
    I think slapping Fairy onto any cutesy legendary right away is a bit hasty.
    It might very well turn out to really be part Fairy, but a pure Steel type event-mon would be refreshing as F, considering all those exotic combinations they've used for the last 7 or so...
  17. Bolt the Cat Bringing the Thunder
    Bolt the Cat


    TBH, it would be a little excessive making Magiana Steel/Fairy considering we already have Mawile and Klefki with that type combination.
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  18. Mitja veteran smartass


    Do you realize that there is a lot, and I mean A LOT, of Pokemon you could say "it's like a fanmade combination of this and that pokemon"?

    Attached Files:

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  19. Craig Collier Aspiring Trainer
    Craig Collier


    no because porygon was made before mewtwo as well wasn't it?
  20. Kecleon-X 124c41+


    No, it wasn't. Porygon was relatively new from Silph in Red and Blue. Mewtwo was made quite a bit in the past, judging from the overgrown and destroyed laboratory in which it was born.
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