‘Red and Blue Collection: Charizard-EX’ Info!

As I reported last month, we’re getting 11 Mythical Pokemon boxes and four Pokemon-EX boxes this year for Pokemon’s 20th anniversary.

We now have details for the first EX box’s release in America, officially titled “Red & Blue Collection: Charizard-EX.” It will come with a brand new Charizard-EX promo, four Generations booster packs, a Charizard figure, a card holder for your favorite Pokemon cards, and a PTCGO code card. It’ll retail for $24.99 and will be released in stores by March 16th. As I reported before, we’ll also see the release of a Blastoise-EX box on May 18th, Venusaur-EX on July 13th, and Pikachu-EX on September 14th. Thanks goes to Marc D. for this news!

I originally reported the boxes will come with a jumbo card (and no figurine), but this will likely only apply to the European releases, as Europe always swaps out figures for jumbo cards. I originally reported that the promos would be full art cards too.

We still don’t know what the Generations packs will contain. Could they be Base Set notables, cards from throughout the years (hence Generations), or something else entirely? Pokemon seem to be keeping it very quiet, but hopefully the Japanese branch will give us our first clue within the next week or two. Stay tuned!

(Also, the PokeBeach announcement is still delayed. I hope to make it within the next week or so. Sorry about that!)

(Also, another random note: if anyone in the Los Angeles area has film experience and is interested in helping me with my USC thesis film, please e-mail me your resume so we can talk. I shoot it in May and it’s gonna be awesome! Thank you!)