Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary: Monthly TCG Pin Boxes, 20th Anniversary EX Boxes!

Pokemon’s 20th anniversary is just around the corner and we’ve received exclusive information about how the TCG is going to celebrate it!

As I posted last month, we’ll be getting a “Mythical Pokemon Collection: Mew Box” on February 22nd, which is five days before Pokemon Red and Green‘s 20th birthdays. The box will come with a holo promo of Mew, a Mew pin, a PTCGO code card, and two special “Pokemon TCG: Generations” booster packs. At the time I speculated the product might be part of a line because of the way it is named…

What we’ve now learned is that the Mew Box is only the first of eleven boxes that will be released next year. Yes, eleven! Each month, a new box will be released featuring a different Mythical Pokemon. February 22nd will see the release of the Mew Box, March 16th is Celebi, April 13th is Jirachi, May 18th is Darkrai, June 15th is Manaphy, July 13th is Shaymin, August 17th is Arceus, September 14th is Victini, October 12th is Keldeo, November 16th is Genesect, and December 7th (over a year from now!) is Meloetta. Each box will cost $12.99.

Deoxys, Phione, Diancie, Hoopa, and Volcanion are the only Mythical Pokemon excluded from the line. Or really only Deoxys since Phione is Phione and the other three are still part of the current generation.

What we’ve also learned is that the promos will be full art cards! So we’ll have eleven full art promos and eleven pins of Mythical Pokemon!

But that’s not it for 2016. Four “20th Anniversary Pokemon-EX Boxes” will also hit store shelves: March 16th will see the release of Charizard-EX, May 18th is Blastoise-EX, July 13th is Venusaur-EX, and September 14th is Pikachu-EX. Each box will come with the featured Pokemon-EX as a full art promo and jumbo card as well as a PTCGO code card and four “Pokemon TCG: Generations” booster packs.

The “Pokemon TCG: Generations” booster packs will only be available through the aforementioned products.

2016 is going to be cray! Like the last news story, we still don’t know what the Generations booster packs are. Could they be reprints of classic Pokemon cards? I’m sure we’ll find out more soon!