Build-a-Bear Pikachu Available for Pre-Order, Release Date Bumped Up

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The Build-a-Bear website now has Pikachu up for pre-order along with photos and descriptions of each package.

If you order Pikachu the online package, you’ll get everything above: a pre-stuffed Pikachu with a sound chip inside (programmed with six sound effects), an exclusive Charizard hoodie only available through this online package, a Poke Ball hoodie, and Pikachu from Roaring Skies with a Build-a-Bear stamp. The whole package costs $60.

You can also reserve Pikachu for in-store pickup (presumably to build it in store). It’ll cost $28 for Pikachu and the TCG card. In terms of accessories, the Poke Ball hoodie is an additional $12.50 while no price is known for the Pikachu sound chip yet. As mentioned earlier, the Charizard hoodie is only available through the web package, so you can’t buy it in stores.

While the original release date for Pikachu was announced as January, Build-a-Bear has pushed it up to late December, meaning you can possibly grab Pikachu before Christmas. However, no specific release date is known yet.