September’s ‘CoroCoro’ Leaking!

Update #12 (2:15 PM, Saturday) – We keep getting e-mails from people saying the starter evolution page is fake. It’s not. The pages come from a separate pull-out packet. Even if it they were fake, the Pokabu evolution is still on the Aloe page. | Update #11 (1:45 AM) – New scans and replaced old photos. | Update #10 (1:45 AM) – New Victini attack. | Update #9 (1:30 AM) – More scans! | Update #8 (1:30 AM) – Better scans below. | Update #7 (1:15 AM) – Another scan below. | Update #6 (1:00 AM) – A large scan of the starter evolutions has leaked, revealing Zekrom and Reshiram’s signature moves. Details below. The scan is obviously real, just from a different section of the magazine. | Update #5 (11:30 PM) – The starter evolution page does not match the rest of the pages, but we’re keeping it up for now since it was leaked at the same time. It might be from another source or another part of the magazine. | Update #4 (11:15 PM) – All translations up. | Update #3 (10:45 PM) – Added another photo. Translations coming in a bit. | Update #2 (10:00 PM) – Photos pretty much confirmed, so removed cautious sentences. | Update (10:00 PM) – New photo and translations below!

Photos of September’s issue of CoroCoro are beginning to leak on 2ch. The Pokemon shown all match the Pokexperto information in our previous post, so all of that information is obviously confirmed. This also means the Starter Pokemon evolutions from last week are real. Click the thumbnails below for larger photos. Thanks go to Bangiras and Gin for the translations below!

Pages 2 and 3

September CoroCoro Issue

  • The Plasma guy with the eyepiece is named Geechisu – he has been seen in various trailers.
  • The second town is named Garaku Town. This is where you meet Geechisu.
  • N has a Choroneko (the Dark-type cat).

Pages 4 and 5

  • Yanappu – Grass – Grass Monkey Pokemon – 0.6m – 10.5kg – Gluttony. It knows Acrobat.
  • Baoppu – Fire – High Temperature Pokemon – 0.6m – 11.0kg – Gluttony. Knows a new move called “Flame Burst” which damages nearby opponents.
  • Hiyappu – Water – Wave Splash Pokemon – 0.6m – 13.5kg – Gluttony. Knows a new move called “Boiling Water” which is Water-type but can Burn.
  • Emonga – Electric/Flying – Flying Squirrel Pokemon – 0.4m – 5.0kg. Has a new attack called “Eleci Ball” that increases in damage depending on your speed in comparison to the opponent’s speed.
  • One of Victini’s new attacks is named Flame Sphere and it inflicts Burn. It hits all Pokemon on the field, even your own.
September CoroCoro Issue

Pages 6 and 7

September CoroCoro Issue

  • Basurao – Violent Pokemon – Water – Reckless / Adaptability. Has two forms, as shown in the scan; the form you encounter depends on the version you have.
  • Yorterrie – Puppy Pokemon – Normal – Vital Spirit / Pick-Up. Based on a Yorkie. Has a new attack called “Cheer Up” which raises its Attack and Special Attack.
  • Choroneko – Bad Cat Pokemon – Dark – Limber / Acrobatic. The “Acrobatic” ability is not to be confused with Yanppu’s Acrobat attack. N owns a Choroneko.
  • Desukaan – Coffin Pokemon – Ghost – Mummy. When attacked, the attacking Pokemon’s ability is turned into Mummy as well. The Japanese for the ability sounds like “Mirror” so it’s a pun because the ability keeps reflecting.
  • Ononokusu – Chin Horn Pokemon – Dragon – Rivalry / Mold Breaker. Has a new attack called “Dragon Tail” but we can’t make out the effect – it has something to do with the opponent’s next turn. It might force them to switch Pokemon like Roar or Whirlwind.
  • Denchura – Electric Spider Pokemon – Bug/Electric – Compoundeyes / Tension. Its “Tension” ability prevents the opponent’s Pokemon from eating Berries.
  • Doryuuzu – Earth’s Core Pokemon – Ground/Steel – Sand Gun / Sand Power. It knows a Ground-type attack called “Drill Liner” which has a high critical hit rate.

Pages 8 and 9

September CoroCoro Issue

  • Buffalon – Headbutt Cow Pokemon – Normal – Reckless / Herbivore. Knows a new attack called “Afro Break” which is a sort of Counter attack. It has an afro and its name is a pun on this, which is where “Afro” Break comes from. Only Buffalon knows this attack.
  • Dangoro – Mantle Pokemon – Rock – Sturdy. Has a new attack called “Drop Down” where it knocks Flying-types out of the sky, though it causes recoil damage.
  • Mebukijika – Shikijika’s evolution – Season Pokemon – Normal/Grass – Herbivore / Chlorophyll. Its appearance changes with the season like its pre-evolution.
  • Tabunne – Healing Pokemon – Normal – Healing Heart / Regenerate. It knows a new attack called “Heal Wave” which restores its allies’ HP. The Chansey / Nurse Joy Pokemon of this region?
  • Monmen – Cotton Ball Pokemon – Grass – Mischievous Heart / Pickpocket. Only available in Black.
  • Churine – Root Pokemon – Grass – Chlorophyll / Own Tempo. Only available in White.
  • Tamagetake – Mushroom Pokemon – Grass / Poison – Effect Spore – It’s got a freakin’ Poke Ball mushroom on its head. Since it looks like a Poke Ball, it surprises his opponents; that’s where the “tamage” in his name comes (from “tamageru,” to surprise). Obviously the Voltorb of this region. It has an attack called “Clear Smoke” that resets status changes.

Pages 14 and 15

September CoroCoro Issue

  • Jyanobii – Tsutarja evolution – Grass – Grass Snake Pokemon – 0.8m – 16.0kg – Overgrow
  • Chaobuu – Pokabu’s evolution – Fire/Fighting – Fire Pig Pokemon – 1.0m – 55.5kg – Blaze
  • Futachimaru – Mijumaru’s evolution – Water – Meditation Pokemon – 0.8m – 24.5kg – Torrent
  • Since the above evolutions turned out to be real, that means the final stages that were leaked with them are real as well.
  • Reshiram’s signature attack is Cross Fire while Zekrom’s is Cross Thunder. When one of them is hit by the other’s signature attack, their signature attack attack becomes more powerful. These attacks were first seen in a commercial last week.

Pages 28 and 29

September CoroCoro Issue

  • Dento (Grass), Poddo (Fire), and Kon (Water) are the Sanyou City Gym Leaders. As stated in the previous post, the Gym specializes in Grass, Fire, and Water. Depending on the Starter Pokemon you choose, you will face the Gym Leader of the type that is stronger than you (like when you battle your rival in previous games). They will use their elemental monkeys and possibly other Pokemon of their type.
  • The magazine is recommending to use Chaobuu, Pokabu’s first evolution, against Aloe. Since it’s part-Fighting it has super effective attacks against her Normal-types.

Pages 30 and 31

September CoroCoro Issue

  • The main menu has: Continue, Mystery Gift, Battle Tournament (for battling friends), Game Sync (for the Dream World), Wi Fi settings, Mic Test, and Transfer Machine.
  • To transfer Pokemon from fourth generation games, you have to go to Hiun City and tell a character the words “Everyone Happy Easy Communication.” This will activate the “Transfer Machine,” which will appear on the main menu. You can then use DS Download Play to connect to your Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver games on another DS. After you select the Pokemon you want to transfer over, you play the PokeShifter mini-game and recapture the Pokemon, which are then wirelessly transferred over to Black and White.
  • Once you grab your movie 13 Celebi, you can go to a building in Hiun City and obtain Zorua.
  • After you get one of your movie 13 shiny beasts, you can battle and capture Zoroark in a place called Lost Forest.

Pages 32 and 33

September CoroCoro Issue

  • In the Dream World, which you play on your PC, you encounter wild Pokemon on Dream Island. Different Pokemon are in different areas, such as Aerodactyl in the sky and Lotad or Magikarp in ponds. You can capture these non-Isshu Pokemon and then transfer them over to your game when you’re done.
  • Makomo lends you her Munna so that you can access the Dream World.
  • You can play mini-games in the Dream World, and if you perform well, the Pokemon you play with will come back with you to Black and White.
  • You can also trade Items with other characters.

Pages With Old Information

September CoroCoro Issue September CoroCoro Issue