‘Pokemon Sunday’ Airing ‘Black’ and ‘White’ Info With Junichi Masuda

Update (6:00 PM) – Added video below thanks to Viper.Fox. | Read the previous two news stories for a wealth of Black and White information!!

Pokemon Sunday is currently airing a long Black and White segment with Gamefreak director Junichi Masuda. We will be posting a decent-quality video of the show after it airs, so be sure to check back in a while! For now, this is the new information they revealed; refresh once in a while for new info.

  • The game will have completely new characters. Old characters like Professor Oak, who they specifically mention, will NOT appear.
  • When N first appears he battles you with Choroneko. Junichi Masuda boasts that the cat appearing in the show is a WORLD EXCLUSIVE, lol.
  • Mamoko, the Dream World girl, gives you HM01 Cut. This confirms HMs are still in the game despite TMs now being reusable.
  • Chillarmy and Minezumi are some of the first Pokemon you see in the wild.
  • Mijumaru knows Shell Blade by Level 7.
  • Masuda mentions that the C-Gear (the device that lets you do wireless stuff) took four years to program, which means the games have been in development for at least four years.
  • Masuda reveals Desukaan, Denchura, and Ononokusu. Nothing new for us since CoroCoro covered them.
  • The show has now ended. They didn’t even reveal a tenth of what CoroCoro did last night. Heh.
  • In the preview for next week’s episode they showed a silhouette of one of the monkey trio Pokemon. Guess next week’s episode won’t have anything new either, though it doesn’t matter anyway since the games will already be out.