‘Black’ and ‘White’ Wii Commercials Reveal Many New Scenes

Update #2 (2:30 AM) – In further examining the videos, it appears there could be a new Pokemon chasing Chillarmy in the third video at 1:15. I thought it was just the Bug / Grass Pokemon Kurumiru at first but it doesn’t quite match up to its design upon closer inspection. Also, we did not notice before that in the same video Pokabu uses a new attack called Heat Stamp which has 10 PP. | Update #1 (9:45 PM) – Added two new videos below.

Several new Black and White commercials are available to those who have Japanese Wiis and will soon air on TV; someone has posted them all on YouTube, as you can see below. The first video show many new scenes: at 0:20, what is that object on display? Skeletal remains? Of Zekrom? Is the medieval-y Team Plasma trying to revive the Dragons (/speculation)? At 0:55, we see Iris, a character previously thought to be animé-exclusive. Could she be a special character in the games, like a Gym Leader? Starting at 2:04, we see more story-related scenes such as a man holding a crown followed by N in the wild as a child with a Hihidaruma. And check out the awesome battles between Reshiram and Zekrom! The second video states that there will be over 100 new Pokemon in the games while the third video doesn’t reveal anything significantly important.