Some Pages Back Up

Finals are all next week, so studying will be of a higher priority than updating. I’ve already been studying this week, hence the lack of updates. I’ll try to catch up on missed news stories later today. Anyways, I have put some pages back up, with more to come in the future. Enjoy!

  • Chat Room (under PokeBeach in the left menu) – used for chit-chatting with other Pokemon fans and PokeBeach users.
  • Tournament Deck List Generator (under T.C.G. in the left menu) – used to generate deck lists which you can print out and turn-in at tournaments during registration (like States, for example).
  • Bonds to the End of Time Translations (under “Japanese Sets” in the T.C.G. section of the left menu) – the Japanese equivalent of our next English set. Study them so you are prepared for the next set!

Also, in case you missed this when the website went back up a few weeks ago, the news stories currently go all the way back to mid-2006. To look at older news stories, use the numbered navigation at the bottom of this page. Stories from mid-2006 to mid-2003 (when the site opened) are not up yet and probably won’t be for a while since they will take the longest to edit and import into the new system.