April CoroCoro: Shiny Pichu and Oak’s Letter

The April issue of CoroCoro magazine has revealed that a shiny Pichu will be distributed at stores in Japan to people who pre-order movie tickets to Arceus: Space-Time Conquered. It will be at Level 30 and can be downloaded to Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum between April 18th and July 17th (the ticket pre-order dates). What will the downloadable Pokemon be for the actual movie, though? Heatran? Arceus? We’ll find out at a later date!

CoroCoro has also announced that Oak’s Letter will be distributed through Wi-Fi via Mystery Gift starting April 18th and ending May 11th. The item allows you to travel to the Flower Paradise to capture a wild Level 30 Shaymin. However, it can only be downloaded to Japanese Pokemon Platinum games, unlike the shiny Pichu which can also be sent to Diamond and Pearl.

Arceus’ Multitype ability and its involvement with the held Plates in the games is officially announced in the magazine as well. This is probably because of the Plates’ involvement in the movie.

Click the thumbnails below for larger images. Thanks goes to Filb.de for finding the photos of the pages!

CoroCoro April Issue CoroCoro April Issue CoroCoro April Issue CoroCoro April Issue CoroCoro April Issue