PokeBeach’s Skype Chat Room allows any of PokeBeach’s visitors to communicate with over 100 other PokeBeach members in a direct, informal manner. The chat fosters ample opportunity to make new friends and develop lasting relationships with other Pokemon fans.

How to Join The PB Skype Chat

1. Download Skype at www.skype.com and set up your account.
2. The chat can then be accessed through Skype by clicking here: PB Skype Chat Room.

Chat Room Rules

The chat room is monitored by PokeBeach’s chat staff and headed by Shining Raikou. Feel free to contact him on Skype (Raikou0777) or on the forums if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Always treat other members with respect.
  • Chat content is PG-13, please do not post anything inappropriate.
  • Do not spam. In addition to what is considered spamming on the forum (unintelligent discussion, poor spelling/grammar, being annoying, etc.), spamming in a chat room additionally includes:
    • Excessive repeated messages.
    • Typing with caps on frequently.
  • Do not advertise other Pokemon websites or chat rooms.
  • Do not advertise your own links (ex: your social media accounts) in the public chat.
  • Have a decent username, picture, and title for your Skype account. If anything inappropriate is found on your public profile you may be removed from the chat room.
  • You may only have one active connection to the chat at a time.
  • Violating chat policy can result in a verbal warning or kick for minor offenses to a ban for major offenses. Serious violations can result in a ban from the forums and/or website.

Rule Exceptions

From 11 PM to 5 AM ET, the Chat Room becomes NightBeach. During that time, users may utilize a limited amount of foul language and vulgarity. The amount of foul language and vulgarity permitted is at the discretion of the moderators. Let us just say that if people may feel upset by what you are about to type, then maybe do not type it. Otherwise, outside of Night Beach, the occasional slip of the tongue is acceptable, but abuse may result in punishment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in charge of the chat?

Type in “/showmembers” in the chat room and it will display who is an “Admin” next to their names. These people moderate the room, and Shining Raikou is the founder and head of the Chat Room section of the site.

Note: A “Speaker” is a normal chat room member.

How do I talk to just a single person and not the whole chat?

The list of members in the chat is displayed above the chat window. In order to talk to someone privately, click their name, then click “instant message”.

How do I become a Chat Room Admin?

If you’re active in the chat and would like to help out, inquire about open positions to Shining Raikou (Raikou0777) via Skype message and he will get back to you.

Additional Rules

While these rules explicitly cover the use of the chat room, the rules that govern all of PokeBeach can be found via its forums by clicking here.