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The PokéBeach Master Document - Rules & Information
Rules, Features, Staff, FAQ, and more.
By Water Pokémon Master & Shining Raikou


Account Rules

Like all websites, PokéBeach's forums have common-sense rules that all members must abide by. In addition to the rules listed below, please abide by any forum-specific rules stickied to the top of a forum.

Although these rules are designed for the forums, they also apply to all parts of PokéBeach where applicable, including TCG One, Pokémon Showdown, and our chat room. If you break these rules or the "spirit" of them on those areas of the website, it will impact your ability to access all other parts of the website.

1. Treat other members with respect.
Feel free to disagree with another member and to deconstruct or even tear apart their arguments. But never attack or flame other members with slander, libel, cussing, insults, or ad hominem. Everyone here is human (unless you’re a talking Meowth) and deserves to be treated like one.

2. Make meaningful, relevant, and detailed posts.
This forum is not a chat room, nor is it Twitter. You are not texting a friend. A forum is a medium where you record your thoughts in detail and provide meaningful reasons for your opinion.

Sentence-long replies, posts saying “Your deck is good,” “These new cards are terrible,” “This episode was awesome,” “I agree,” “Thank you,” “+1,” etc. have no intellectual value and rarely spark fruitful discussion (if any discussion at all). Such SPAM posts will be deleted on sight and warnings will be issued without hesitation. Use the “Like” button, profile comments, or PMs in place of making shallow comments to someone. If you have nothing meaningful to say for a certain topic, it's best to not make a post! :p

For quicker discussions in real time, PokéBeach also has a popular chat room you can use.

3. Use proper spelling and grammar.
“Tipig l1k di$!” does not portray your thoughts in the best light and makes the forums look trashy. These posts will be deleted on sight and warnings will be issued without hesitation. Warnings will also be given out to members who consistently fail to use correct capitalization, apostrophes, etc. Take pride in your writing!

4. Use specific thread titles.
Make sure a thread's title gives a clear and specific idea of its content. Never name a thread "Best deck ever" or "Can you help me?" Give them specific titles so people know what to expect when they open your thread, such as “How many versions of Base Set Charizard are there?”

5. Do not mini-mod.
It is not a member’s responsibility to scold other members for breaking the rules. However, we greatly appreciate members using the “Report” button to report perceived rule violations to moderators.

6. Do not impersonate a member or staff member.
Please do not appear as or impersonate any member on the site, or use a staff members past or present avatar, userbars, badges, or other information pertaining to them as your own on the site.

7. The following things are prohibited across PokéBeach:
  • Uncouth discussion about drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and illegal activities.
  • Sexual or pornographic content.
  • Anything discriminating against a race/group/sex/nationality/etc.
  • Broad “catch all” topics that would discourage prolific, meaningful threads from being created (such as a “Celebrity Death Thread” for all celebrity deaths).
8. Do not advertise other Pokémon websites.
What is considered “advertising” depends on a variety of factors and is at the discretion of the staff. In most cases it is acceptable to link to other sites when they have relevant content that PokéBeach would not have. But in general, you should not undermine PokéBeach’s efforts by directing members to other Pokémon sites with similar content, advertise websites you work for, or lead our members to register at other sites. You may, however, link to your personal websites on your profile page or in your signature if done so in an unsoliciting manner.

9. You can only use one PokéBeach account.
Never register another account or use another member’s account. We regularly run various checks to make sure each user is only using one account. If you have trouble logging into your existing account, e-mail [email protected] for assistance. You, and you alone, are responsible for your account and anything that happens on it. If you have family members who want to register here, you must notify Shining Raikou or Juliacoolo before they register or both accounts could get banned.

10. If you wish to protest a rule violation, do so in private.
Use the PM system to contact the mod who issued you a warning for the violation and try to work it out with him or her (do not IM them, e-mail them, post about it in public here or elsewhere, or contact them through any other method). All violations and protests are kept private and the same is expected of you. If you still feel you have been warned unfairly or that a moderator is not using good judgment, please PM another super moderator or forum admin to report your concerns. Do not do this lightly, however, as blindly protesting valid moderation could lead to further warnings.

11. By logging in to this website or using it any way, you agree to the website's terms of service and rules.

If you have questions about the rules, please do not hesitate to ask here or PM a staff member. We are here to answer your questions and do not generally bite unless you’re made of chocolate... in which case, what the heck are you and how are you browsing the Internet? o_O

The Warning System: Consequences for Breaking Rules

PokéBeach has a warning system that operates on points. Each time a rule is broken, members will receive between 0 and 10 points based on the severity of their offense and that member's history of rule breaking.

Each warning will expire after a certain amount of time, which varies according to the severity of the offense. If you are given a warning, you'll be notified through a private message. This message will include the warning reason, the amount of warning points, and the duration of the warning. Only the staff can see infractions you've received.

The staff also have the option of posting public warnings over your posts. For example, if you make a shallow post, we may tag it as such so that other members see it as an example of what not to do.

If you reach 10 warning points, you will be banned from the forums and the chat room. If you behave badly on those portions of the website, you'll in turn be banned from the forums and all other areas of the website as well.

Warning Classifications
  • Null Warning: This warning is worth 0 points. If you're a new member or have a history of following the rules, we'll still give you this warning so you know what to fix going forward. This is just a friendly reminder to follow the rules. :)
  • Normal Warning - The range of points for this type of warning is usually 2-4 points. This is for members who should know better or for a blatant rule violation that no one should ever do (such as cussing someone out or making a very shallow post).
  • Severe Warning - The range of these warnings are usually 5+ points, depending on the offense and situation. Someone who has not changed despite previous warnings or who does something with ill intent will get a severe warning.
  • Banned - If you happen to receive a total of 10 warning points, your account will be banned and you won't be able to view the forums or the chat room. You will be placed into a special banned user group that can only see the "Ban Appeal" forum. In the "Ban Appeal" forum, you will need to type up an appeal to the PokéBeach Staff in order for them to consider letting you back on the website.
  • Permaban - If you knowingly and willingly do something with ill intent, and the act is extreme or repeated from an earlier incident, your account will be permanently banned and you will not be allowed to appeal your ban in the “Ban Appeal Forum.” You will be blacklisted from the entire site, including PokéBeach's activities, tournaments and the chat room.
New Features on PokéBeach!

Front Page Integration & Connectivity

PokéBeach’s forums now run on Xenforo, the most advanced forum software out there! And through customization that took us three years to complete, the forums are now fully integrated with the main website! No matter where you are on PokéBeach, you’ll be logged into your account everywhere you go on the website!

With your account can post directly to news stories on the front page, which will in turn show up as a reply to a corresponding forum thread. You can also participate in activities, the chat room, TCG One, and earn badges with your account! And no matter where you are, you can view PokéBeach's content from the navbar, receive notifications and PMs, and do anything you want with your account. It's all one fun and unified experience now!

Making Status Updates - Tell everyone about it!

Like Facebook and Twitter, each member can now post their own status updates! The update will be shown in a feed on the right side of PokéBeach’s forums, on your individual profile page, to all who "friend" you on the forums, and in several other places. Other members can also comment on your update and “like” it, just as on Facebook! This is a great way to show other Pokémon fans how you feel!

To update your status, visit your profile or hover over your username in the navbar.

Following Members and Your News Feed - Keep Track of Your Favorite Posters!

On Xenforo you can have your very own “News Feed” which shows new updates to forum threads and people you’re following. To follow someone, just click their username and in the box that pops up select “Follow.” You can also find the link on the top right of their profile page. You will then see any forum posts and status updates they make, making it super easy to follow your favorite forum members and forum threads!

Alerts & Notifications - Get Instant Updates!

You can now receive live alerts and notifications from the navbar to keep you updated! It’s an awesome addition that allows you to keep track of the things that matter most to you.
Alerts occur:
  • When someone makes a post in a thread you’re following.
  • When someone follows you.
  • When someone writes a message on your profile.
  • When you receive a private message.
  • When someone tags you.
  • When you receive likes.
  • When you receive a badge
Alerts allow you to stay updated on everything you want to know. For example, you don't need to keep checking your favorite forum threads for new replies now - you'll receive an alert anytime someone replies!

You can choose what alerts you receive here.

You can also chose to be updated on your favorite threads by email, such as a PokéBeach Activity or a lively discussion topic by selecting “Watch Thread” in the top right above the original post of a thread. From there select “Watch this thread and receive email notifications”. Now you will be emailed about new developments in that thread as they happen!

Private Messages - Real Time + Group Conversations!

PokéBeach’s updated private messaging feature allows you to have real time conversations with members through its conversations page, which acts as your inbox. Unlike most forums, in these conversations you can have multiple participants. This allows for groups to hold a conversation and discuss short term or private subjects such as an activity, leagues, etc. For more long term discussions and to draw many different people, opinions, and information - make/use an appropriate forum thread.

On the conversations page, you can leave messages, mark your conversations as read/unread, or star conversations to easily filter (by clicking a star) important conversations as needed. Click on a star on any starred topic to see all starred conversations in your inbox. You can bookmark the starred conversations page if you would like easy access to your important conversations.

Tagging Members - Get Your Friends in on the Fun!

Alert another member instantly by tagging them in your post with “@usernamehere”.

Announcements & Forum Notices - Important Info When & Where You Need It

Sometimes when you log on, you may notice a blue box hovering above the forum index or inside a forum. They will usually display important info such as forumwide developments or forum updates that everyone should read. Notices that display on the main forum index and inside all forums are known as announcements. Notices that only show inside one forum are known as a forum notice. If a forum already has a regular forum notice, the announcement will simply transition between itself and the regular forum notice that was in place there. Some announcements & forum notices can be clicked away by hovering over them and selecting the “x”. More important notices may not offer this option.

Posting on PokéBeach

All basic code information can be found here.

Be sure to check the above link out! Code will help you format your posts and add things like images and spoilers.


You can like posts & status updates to show agreement/gratitude/respect. Please only like posts that you really like, not just everything you see. Likes lose their meaning if you like everything!


By selecting multiple posts you can reply to the whole chain of posts instead of doing it individually.

Thread Prefixes

These are used to label threads and easily categorize different topics in a forum. For example, in the image below - none of these prefixes fit this broader discussion topic, so it should remain without a prefix. However, you can always contact a moderator of the forum about adding a new kind of prefix, if you think it is needed for organizing topics.
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Member Levels

There are user banners to denote the various levels of forum members:

You are a member of PokéBeach when you register an account on the website.


Advanced Member
A member who has made over 5,000 posts or who has subscribed to premium content.


Elite Member
A member who has made over 10,000 posts. Long-term article subscribers also get this banner.


How to Identify Forum Staff

The PokéBeach Staff page lists all of the current forum staff members here at PokéBeach.
Please check it to see who is currently on our forum staff and who takes care of other parts of PokéBeach as well. There are also user banners for the forum staff. The hierarchy is as follows:

The webmaster, Water Pokémon Master, has absolute power over PokéBeach.com. He runs every facet of the site and has the final say in all decisions. Water Pokémon Master also posts the news and maintains PokéBeach as a whole.

The Forum Heads have absolute power over PokéBeach Forums. Together, they run every facet of the forum and have the final say in forum related decisions. They consult the Super Moderators and Moderators to learn more about individual parts of the forum, forum morale, and forum members. They also set rules, guidelines, and manage the forum staff.

A Super Moderator is in charge of a section of the forums (such as the TCG, video games, or Creative Works). They lead a group of Moderators and make sure that sections have the support they need and are getting taken care of. Then, these Super Moderators communicate directly with the Forum Heads about important issues. They also take care of general forum issues and maintain the forums. Super Moderators have all the abilities of Moderators with the added abilities to edit the forum and its functions.

Moderators are knowledgeable people who help maintain order and peace in the forums. They can warn and ban members as well as edit any member's title, basic information, and signatures. They are delegated to individual forums that they patrol and moderate based on their skill sets. If you have any questions regarding a specific forum, consult the moderators of the individual forum.

Other PokéBeach Staff

PokéBeach is divided into several departments - Website, News, Forums, Activities (including TCG One and Showdown), Articles, Badges, and Chat Room. All staff on the site are either a staff member of a department or its head. The banners under their avatar denote their position.

Non-forum staff members do not have any moderating powers, but do converse with the forum staff and other departments to plan and maintain all facets of the site.
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Badges & Appearance - Give Back, Win, Get Badges!

Did you notice that lot of people are sporting badges?

With PokéBeach's new badge program, members can earn a wide range of badges by displaying model behavior and making positive contributions on the site. Badge types include being a helpful member, posting logical and detailed threads/posts, # of trade reps received, and much more. You can also receive badges as prizes for PokéBeach Activities. You'll want to check out the Badge Guide thread to see how you can get these too!
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PokéBeach Activities - Have fun and challenge yourself in exciting site hosted activities!

PokéBeach now hosts a full fledged activities program for it's members, with exciting things happening almost daily! From tournaments, to art competitions, to fun games like Werewolf, PokéBeach is never a dull place to hang out. There is always something to do, so check out our activities calendar on the front page for the next opportunity to participate!
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The PokéBeach Chat Room - Have fun and make friends in real time!

The chat has caught its wave back to PokéBeach's shore, just for you to dip into yet again. That's right, everyone! Our popular Skype chat is back!

Skype is a instant messaging program where you can talk with other members of PokéBeach in a real-time chat room. Everyone here is connected via their love of Pokémon, however, anything you want to can be discussed! The chat has been known for turning total strangers into the best of friends or even life partners! We even host fun activities and games on Skype as well, such as Skype Werewolf. Our Skype chat room is a great place to chill out, get to know other PokéBeach members, play some casual games, and have fun!

But how do you enter, you say? Well it's as simple as visiting this page! If you ever have any questions or need help, feel free to contact the Chat Room Head (@Shining Raikou) or any of our other Chat Room Staff.
The PokéBeach Article Program - It's time for your article to have it's day in the sun!

A brand new, thoroughly planned out article program with optional upgrade to Premium Membership! Now, all TCG articles have a section on the front page. New articles will always be visible and front and center on the new PokéBeach. Since PokéBeach gets an enormous amount of views, more so than other TCG sites, there’s no better place to expose your articles. With the forum integration, people will also be able to discuss your articles, “like” them, share them, and so much more! This will also be the first time article writers can post directly to the front page!

Everything has been thought about with this new article program, from how members get paid for their articles, to how the writing process works, the premium subscription, and more! For even more in depth information, (including pricing for the premium membership) visit the article page here!
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PokéBeach Adventures - What is the mystery of the child with blood-red eyes? Who or what is he?

Join as Ryder, D******t, and other original character take on an adventure through a mystifying region, where being observant is just one of the keys to solving the hidden secrets throughout the panels. Will you be the one to unlock the mysteries? The one to illustrate the stories and show of your talent to the world? Now is the time to work towards unlocking your hidden potential!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How can I contact a Forum Administrator directly for an issue, such as forgetting my password?

A: PM us, email us, or use another contact method. Check Shining Raikou in order to find that info. DO NOT register another account in order to PM us if you are locked out of your account! You will be permanently banned for this offense.

Q: A thread I posted won’t show up. What's wrong?

A: You may be posting in a forum that requires threads to be reviewed by a mod before they can be visible to the public. Please review the rules for the forum you tried to post in to see if that is the case. If it has been a while, you may contact a mod of that forum asking for an explanation to why your thread hasn’t been approved yet.

Q: I can’t reply to certain threads/post threads. What is the problem?

A: The Rulings Forum only allows certified Professors to reply. This was done to get rid of incorrect answers and spam. You cannot post threads in the selling forum for Verified Sellers because you need to be verified in order to sell items on PokéBeach.

Q: How do I view my Warning Level and what does it mean?

A: You can view your current warning level and the expiry date on your profile under the tab ‘Warnings’. If you do not see this tab, you do not currently have any warnings. Warnings will go away in time, depending on the offense. Try to avoid warnings, as reaching higher warning levels will place more restrictions on your account the higher the points go up. If you manage to achieve a 100% Warning Level you get permanently banned, in which case you will have to post in the Forum Jail to get unbanned. You may or may not be let back onto the forums depending on your individual case. Do not make a new account if you get banned. Doing so will result in a permanent ban.

Q: I don’t agree with a warning I received. What can I do?

A: PM the Moderator you received the warning from. Explain why you don’t think you should have received the warning. Remember not to be disrespectful. If you are still not satisfied with the response you get after talking to the Moderator, talk to a Super Moderator about the situation.

Q: I see a post that may violate a rule. What do I do?

A: Please hit the report button and a Moderator will take care of it. All Moderators will be able to see the report once it is sent.

Q: I see an inappropriate conversation, flaming, or rule breaking comment on a member's profile. What do I do?
A: You may also report profiles and profile comments. Just hit the report button and submit it to to us for review.

Q: I was sent a rude PM or advertising PM. What do I do?

A: Please forward the PM to a Moderator.

Q: Are name changes allowed?
A: Due to the way our systems are setup, name changes are not a possibility at this time. Sorry!

Q: Why is ____ not a mod/staff member anymore?
A: PokéBeach does not disclose this information in order to respect member privacy. Some staff members retire while others are let go, it is a different reason each time.

Q: I have come across a glitch. What do I do?

A: Reply to this thread if it is something that is not yet mentioned. You may also send a PM to Shining Raikou.

Q: I have a suggestion for the forum / website. What do I do?
A: PM your suggestion to a Super Moderator or Forum Administrator. We will review it and get back to you.

Q: I love PokéBeach! But how do I help PokéBeach?
A: Check out all of the
open staff positions here and find a good fit for you. After that, submit an application.

Q: How do I become a PokéBeach Moderator?
A: Please fill out the
Forum Moderator application.

Q: How do I become a PokéBeach Verified Seller?
A: Please read this post.

Q: How do I become a PokéBeach Professor?

A: Please fill out the Professor application.

Q: What if I have a question not answered in this document?

A: Please reply to this thread.

Longstanding & Popular Threads

Longstanding & popular threads on the forums are listed here to give you some topics to check out. If you’re a new member, this is a great place to start!

[Member Introduction] (Start here. Tell us about yourself!)

[Beach Member Picture Thread]
[Have a Simple Forum Question? Ask the Staff Here!]

[PokéBeach Adventures Discussion Thread]
[Why did you join PokéBeach?]
[WiFi Trade Now Thread]


Thanks for reading and being a part of PokéBeach Forums. We hope that you will enjoy our wonderful community. Please come back to visit us often, and if you have any questions that were not covered in this document, feel free to ask in this thread or PM any of the forum moderators!

Have a fantastic time!

The PokéBeach Staff
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