Pokemon Platinum English Names

Pokemon Platinum’s English rom has been leaked on the internet several days before its release date. Thanks to Jason, we have some of the changed English names. We’ll add more name changes as the rom data is extracted.

  • Castle Butler Cochran is renamed Castle Valet Darach, while Cattleya is now named Lady Caitlin.
  • Factory Head Nejiki is renamed Factory Head Thorton.
  • Dahlia keeps her name but gets a title like the others: Arcade Star Dahlia.
  • Castle Butler Cochran is now known as Castle Valet Darach.
  • Battle Stage Kate, a Frontier Brain, is now known as Hall Matron Argenta.
  • The Platinum Orb has been renamed to the Griseous Orb. Griseous is an adjective that means something has been blotted with gray. Pokemon sure expands your vocabulary!
  • As we already knew, Giratina’s Formes are Origin and Altered (originally Other).
  • Spin Rotom -> Fan Rotom.
  • Cut Rotom -> Mow Rotom.
  • Heat Rotom has the same name.
  • Wash Rotom has the same name.
  • Frost Rotom has the same name.

And of course, Detective Handsome was renamed Looker while Pluto, the Team Galactic scientist, was renamed Charon.

Remember, Pokemon Platinum will be released in stores this Sunday! Make sure to buy a copy, especially if you are going to be participating in the Video Game Showdown tournaments (you must have a copy of Platinum to play). The tournaments are going to be awesome!