Upcoming Episodes: Dawn Changing Outfits, Widescreen Format

Update (3 AM): New scans of the magazine have emerged on 2ch that confirm the information below. The scans are below the info. Also added information on the show’s change to widescreen.

New information for upcoming episodes has been revealed in Pokemon Fan, an official Japanese magazine. Heerosferret has translated the information below.

  • Dawn will change into her Platinum outfit.
  • Piplup will be given an Everstone.
  • Candice will make an appearance.
  • Jun will make an appearance.
  • There will be a “Pokemon Pingpong Open” featuring a Farfetch’d.
  • A Pokemon contest in “Tatsuami” will feature a battle against a Machoke.
  • The “truth” about a Snover will be revealed.

Ash and Brock have changed their clothes between seasons, such as in the transition from Johto to Hoenn, while Misty and May were wearing different outfits when they reappeared in later seasons. But, this will be the first time a main character has changed their clothes during an actual season if this change is indeed permanent or longer than one episode.

Some of the screenshots in the scans below are wider than other screenshots shown, meaning that Pokemon will transition to the widescreen format during one of these episodes. This follows an announcement made yesterday by TV Tokyo that Pokemon will begin airing in digital. (Now we can watch sub-par animation in blazing quality!) Widescreen will expand the picture and allow for more area in each shot. Will Cartoon Network or Pokemon USA crop the episodes when they air in America due to childrens’ general dislike of widescreen and its “black bars?” We’ll see! Contrary to the belief of some, widescreen actually shows more picture than fullscreen.

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