Pokemon TCG Deck List Generator Program

Welcome to SteveP’s interactive Pokemon TCG deck list program! This software was created to help make it much easier to correctly fill out deck lists, preventing errors and costly penalties at tournaments. Once you complete your deck list, you can print it out and turn it in during tournament registration.

Deck List Program

Help and Information

  • You can check out a sample deck list completed by this program to see how it works.
  • For an in-depth guide on how to use this program, please consult the Help file.
  • This program was written with Javascript. If your security settings are too high, you might be asked to enable Javascript by your browser. If so, you will need to either accept your browser’s request or you will need to lower its security settings.
  • This program does NOT gather information from your computer, nor does it write anything to your computer. It is completely safe to use.