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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Shining Raikou, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. NinJamezor Gearroar - The Cyber Dragon Pokemon


    The first decks that came to mind were:
    Primal Groudon
    Mega Sceptile
    Yanmega BREAK
    Wormadam (Twin Bursts/Strike Back)
    Marowak BREAK
    Durant Mill
    M Beedrill/Lurantis
    Pangoro (My Personal Favorite)

    Other than that, you can probably find some good Budget Decks on this forum.

  2. Lycodrake Aspiring Trainer


    Thanks for the reply, Ninjamezor! As mentioned, I'm definitely considering Zygarde-EX/Carbink BREAK, Sceptile EX/M Sceptile-EX or the budget Serperior list I've seen.

    On the other hand, some of those that you mentioned I'm not aware of decklists for and am interested in are: Garchomp and Marowak BREAK. (I admit I'd actually like to focus on saurian/draconic/reptilian/scaley Pokemon and Fighting and Grass seem to have them, haha.) Any decklist links for those 2?
  3. NinJamezor Gearroar - The Cyber Dragon Pokemon


    Here's a video of a Garchomp List from ptcgradio:
    And a video of a Marowak list by Pokemon TCG Center:
    (change the Giovanni's scheme to Professor Kukui)

    They might be a little outdated, but they can work as a good skeleton if you want to change them. Glad to be of help!
  4. Ventoreck Aspiring Trainer


    Any good budget decks that dont use any EX pokemon beside Typhlosion and AOR Gyardos?

    Currently I cannot find any right now. Best I could find was a mill deck, and I dont know if those are very competitive right now.
  5. mordacazir First observe!


    Maybe raichu/vespiquen with unown and klefki?
  6. Sergiohmygod Aspiring Trainer


    You've got Golduck and Passimian which are both cool ones from Sun/Moon. There's also Greninja but it's not quite as budget friendly even though it doesn't use Shaymin. Vespiquen is an option but she's a little harder to play than the other decks.
  7. Ventoreck Aspiring Trainer


    Ok. I went totaly crazy and made this.....which won me first place online in an 8 ticket tourney. (First stanadard tourney, Best. Experience. I have ever had playing a TCG!)

    Pokemon: 21
    3x Pikachu
    3x Raichu
    2x Zorua
    2x Zoroark
    1x Tauros GX
    2x Evee
    2x Flareon AOR
    2x Vaporeon AOR
    2x Remoraid
    2x Octillery

    Trainers: 35
    2x Bridgete
    1x Lysandre (Almost lost because I didnt have another copy)
    2x N
    4x Sycamore
    2x Float Stone
    3x Enhanced Hammer (Won me the game vs The MEGA Latios Deck)
    4x Level Ball
    2x Special Charge
    2x Super Rod (Was a fantastic choice. Got back multiple Raichus or Zoroarks lines)
    4x Trainers Mail
    3x Ultra Ball
    3x VS Seeker (May up to 4)
    4x Sky Stadium (Key to trading with Darkrai EX)


    First Game: Mega Latios.
    - Boy this was an annoying one. I never once faced this deck so was shocked and suprised when i saw it. He proceeded to easiy first turn Kill my acticve raichu which really hurt. Then kept using THe MEGAS attack to 120 snipe anyhwere. Was really harmful. I was able to chatch up with my Enhanced hammers though and win the game.

    Second Matchup: Darkrai EX
    - I won this due to 2 things. Sniping his shaymin EX. And lysandre grabbing his damaged Darkrai EX. I played every turn thinking how the prize match up would go, and when he played Shaymin EX i knew where my win condition was.

    Third Matchup: Volcanion EX
    - My last game was my eaisest. Vaporon did what it was intended to do! He tried to snipe one, but since i had two copies and super rod, i was able to put another one on bench and keep hitting for double damage.

    Overall i was pleasntly suprised. I had no idea if it would do well and it did fantasic. Any ways i can improve it? (No Shaymins)
  8. NinJamezor Gearroar - The Cyber Dragon Pokemon


    Which Raichu is it?
  9. lifeincolor Aspiring Trainer


    It's probably Generations #RC9 based on the sky field. You need lots on your bench to make it work but it does the circle circut based on your bench number.
  10. lifeincolor Aspiring Trainer


    I am going to play in regionals (expanded) this weekend and I can not figure out what deck to use. I am going with my husband, who is a lot better player. I want to be competitive but I really want a fun deck to play most of all. I love my Greninja deck but I'm afraid of being abilty blocked or item locked. We got booster boxes of Breakpoint, Sun & Moon, Roaring Skies, Acient Origins, Evolutions, and Steam Seige so I have a lot of that to use, but I don't have any really old weird cards I see people use online sometimes (like computer search). I'm willing to get a few cards to help out my deck; I'll take any advice. I don't really love the EX/GX thing. Mainly because I feel like it takes me so long to get going I'm afraid my opponent will have too many prize cards by the time I do. I did have fun with the Ariados/sceptile deck, but that also relies on abilities.

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