Watch Live: 'Pokemon Direct' Stream for 'Pokemon Sword' and 'Shield!'

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    Which is why Smogon has a much better understanding of the VGC competitive scene than Game Freak does. Whose to say they won't bring back in broken Pokémon like Landorus-T or Intimidate Incineroar in Gen 9 If they end up getting cut in Gen 8 for Sword & Shield? It's already bad enough that you can't battle / trade online through Pokémon HOME by making the cloud based service completely useless.
    Except that Game Freak knows they're in a losing position with TPCi due to the success of Pokémon GO which explains why TPCi wants Game Freak to be more than just Pokémon when the reality is that it's the ONLY intellectual property they've ever been good at. There's a good chance that If Sword & Shield had met everyone's expectations that it could potentially result in a net loss financially for Game Freak due to TPCi's newfound focus on Pokémon GO and mobile games which is why they developed "Town" for the Nintendo Switch as a fail safe from potentially going out of business.

    I would argue that it may not have been the wisest business decision they've made but much like with new intellectual properties it's a rather ambitious one. When was the last time Nintendo succeeded with a new intellectual property since Pikmin and Splatoon? If anything older IP's have longer staying power due to the nostalgia factor that the company's always been known for. Nowadays with everyone's short-attention spans they're too afraid to allow the novelty of a franchise to set in before it becomes nostalgic which takes a very long time as everyone is more focused on instant gratification.
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