Collecting The "Look What I Pulled" & Pull Rates Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by MrSquarepants, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Terrible picture quality (my apologies) but here's what I got out of the HF Ultra Premium Box and a CES Elite Box I impulse bought due to needing sleeves and not being where all my sleeves are (lol). Not bad, no duplicates besides the FA Birds, but all new SV cards makes me happy. Also that FA Reshi/Rom makes me so happy, it's the one card I wanted out of the set.

    Bonus of the Ray statue holding himself as a card. I love this thing.
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    ...aaaand I just pulled another Shiny Charizard. Got both from the Super Premium boxes; the last pieces of HF product I had any intention of buying.
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    Final Hidden Fates product opening:

    Guzma, Fisherman and Drampa GX were new. I wish I didn't pre-order this one so early; I overpaid, and could have gotten it even cheaper than MSRP through my employee discount, but it is what it is. And that's a wrap on Hidden Fates openings.
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    Premium Trainer Box pulls with a Morpeko VMax that has bubbles under the foiling.

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    I’m up in Canada visiting family and I rarely buy cards here since they tend to be more expensive than just buying ‘em in the US, but I picked up a Garchomp and Giratina tin at EB Games since it was on sale. I also picked an Ultra Necrozma Battle Arena deck at a different EB Games I went to due to how rare they are now.

    Oh, and outside of a RH Dark Energy from an Evolutions pack and the contents of the Battle Arena deck I didn’t pull anything of interest. I do like how the holo Energies in the Ultra Necrozma Battle Arena Deck has the same wavy holo pattern as the regular holos found in sets.

    Edit: I picked up a Pale Moon GX Box, a Cosmic Eclipse B&B Kit, and some singles over the weekend to help me back into the competitive scene. The Pale Moon GX box only gave me a Sigilyph-GX and a Reset Stamp but given that I got it for $20 I’m considering that a win. The B&B Kit was well worth it, I pulled a Character Rare (Magnemite), an Alternate Art Silvally-GX, and a RH Mimikyu (one of the cards I was going to pick up with my singles but forgot to) and my promo was Blacephalon.
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