Wi-Fi Trades Spartan's Super Shiny Shop! Y Exclusives! LF: Shiny Protean Froakie!

RE: Spartan's Super Shiny Shop!

legend-tamer said:
could you get a shiny noibat or shiny clauncher? if you did I could trade you a shiny sharpedo for one of them.

I could trade you a Shiny Clauncher for that Sharpedo. Message me of you want it.
hey i was interested in the shiny female espurr lol also interested in the dedenne and Gabite/// 5 days of medusa method 4 espurr and nothing my luck sucks:p

4T: all are kalos bred or caught>>>>
-Shiny litleo
-Shiny Greninja (not blessed with protean):'( 3 iv though
-2 iv Shiny Pangoro
-2 iv Shiny Trevenant
-3iv Shiny kyuubi/Ninetails lol
-Shiny Noivern
-5 iv adamant Aggron w/M-Stone
-3 iv Mew2 w/X M-Stone
-5 iv adamant charizard/egg moves D.dance,Outrage with Char X M-Stone
-5 iv Greninja w/Protean
-4 iv bold Klefki w/Prankster
-5 iv bold Rotom W form
lol and any X exclusive you need

FC 0705-2249-2085