SM9 'Tag Volt,' Japan's December Set!

The Latias/Latios making a heart: 1. Is that a secret rare or the alternate art? 2. Is there an English Version yet?
Pretty sure the wonderful heart Latis are alternative since the one on the right definitely looks like full art plus it's what the rainbow rare is based on. And there's no official English versions yet just translations.
Isn't this simply her newest look from Let's Go?
Her hair is more dark green than in Let's Go.
If that ever happens it will be both good and bad, because then it's not really URs anymore. Could be 1/2 for holos and 1/5 for URs though.
The problem is more the number and relation 2 holos (often less holos than UR in one set and box) than the pull rate. Another good option in my opinion would be if you have an UR, you still have a rare/holo in that pack. Then there could be 12 holos + 6-8 UR in one box, making the ratios normal again.
I like that solution even more than my Prime/Legend example. That was more suitable during the BW and XY eras. But with the way booster boxes are now, 23 to 24 packs have to contain regular rares (because TPCi insists on making regular rares while Japan got rid of them a long time ago). That leaves only 12 to 13 packs to split between all of the holos and the plethora of ultra rares in a set. It’s very unsatisfying, putting ultra rares aside, when you open a booster box and you can’t even manage to get half the holos. If the holos replaced reverse holos in a pack—maybe 12 in a box, like you suggested—that could allow more of those to be pulled without butting heads with ultra rares AND allowing the ultra rare pull rates to be increased slightly.

If only...
I'm definitely looking forward to:
Pokemon Communication -SR
Brooklet Hill -SR
Judge's Whistle -SR
Erika's Hospitality -FA
Sabrina -FA

I'm not quite sold on any of the TTGX, looking forward to seeing the Zoroark Greninja TTGX. Its funny tho when I started playing again (February I was wondering when a 3 prize Pokemon was coming. Figured it was a matter of time.
Can't wait for Snorlax & Eevee TTGX!

^ Eevee & Snorlax TTGX is a clear counter to Sylveon-GX as well as Gardevoir-GX that fits right into Ultra Necrozma-GX decks w/ a little help from Malamar, and is anxious for some action!

Also on my aim list:

Pokemon Communication
Judge's Whistle
I’d just like to point out that any Pokémon with 3 retreat can use Mount Lanakila and Muscle Pad to get the bonus health.
Gonna have to get the Lati@s card. Superb design, and incredibly adorable. Honestly a bit bummed that they're still implementing the rainbow rare system.
Ability: Protective Scales
Prevent effects of the attacks of your opponent’s Pokemon done to this Pokemon.

the wording makes it sound like it prevents all damage too
Im actually would like a Fairy deck as well cause the last one was Lugia and wasnt Fairy focus just had a few fairys on it, I thought the theme decks of Lost Thunder expansion will include a fairy (Fairy Rise) but well we know how that end, so Im not sure if Dark Order will guarantee a Dark deck and Team Up is about Kanto to promote Lets Go, I can see Starters from first gen being the theme decks, even got 3 decks with Venasaur being the last one
Well turns out he was right. Also, I'm glad they are because that makes it easier to test around with Charizard , they will probably be a couple dollars each.