SM9 'Tag Volt,' Japan's December Set!

*dies from the sheer cuteness of the Latios & Latias Tag-Team GX artwork*
So we are getting 1 regular art and 3 different full arts (regular,alternate and rainbow). I can't complain.
All the cards look really good, but I really wish they would stop with rainbow/hyper rares especially if we're getting alt. secret versions in the set so now we have to collect 4 of the same type of card to complete the set and we already have a ton of rainbows/hyper rares as it is and so it makes them even less special every set they do this.
So are the other artworks of these (like the secret secret rare ones) a whole other rarity or are they the same rarity just different artwork. And collectors good luck with this one. :eek:
Almost all of the Tag Team secret rares look way better than Mitsuhiro Arita's versions. That Sabrina FA is also pretty cool. Also, not sure if it is just the light the photo was taken in, but the Brooklet Hill SR looks awful.
You take all of that back right now.
Not Gonna Lie i think Full art Tag Team look really underwhealming compared to the Normal art and the Special art version
I feel like when this set comes out they have to guarantee an ultra rare every 3 packs and a holo every 2.
Man the art for the tag team cards look so good! I'll try to collect them all except maybe for the secret rares, but if I get them I guess that's cool too.
Alright I normally don't go out of my way to get full arts but that pikachu and zekrom tag team is going to be an exception, its so good!
I feel like when this set comes out they have to guarantee an ultra rare every 3 packs and a holo every 2.
I mean... It's wishful thinking, but back when EX's were re-introduced back in Next Destinies, I thought TPCi should have handled regular EX's like they did with Primes, replacing the reverse holo in a pack and giving about 5 per booster box, and full arts like Legends, giving about 3 or maybe 4 per box. But that didn't happen.

I thought the same thing when GX's/rainbow rares were introduced. They have to do something to increase pulls at least a little bit with that many ultra rares in a set now, right? That didn't happen either.

They did replace reverses with BREAK's and Prism Stars, but they're not on the same level as an EX or GX. So given the past 6 years, I'm not holding my breath, hoping TPCi will throw collectors and players a bone this time and adjust pull rates because of yet another increase of ultra rares. It hasn't happened since the HGSS era (Legendary Treasures doesn't count because it was a reprint set), and I highly doubt it will change this time. I'd love for TPCi to prove me wrong, though.
I want the heart shaped Latias and Latios card. The only thing that sucks about it is the artist drew them both the same size, which is incorrect. Latios is much larger than Latias.
If that ever happens it will be both good and bad, because then it's not really URs anymore. Could be 1/2 for holos and 1/5 for URs though.
The problem is more the number and relation 2 holos (often less holos than UR in one set and box) than the pull rate. Another good option in my opinion would be if you have an UR, you still have a rare/holo in that pack. Then there could be 12 holos + 6-8 UR in one box, making the ratios normal again.
The Latias/Latios making a heart: 1. Is that a secret rare or the alternate art? 2. Is there an English Version yet?